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A Reminder from Womb

We are the Children of Old

from the golden consciousness of the Sun

We are the Wise Women from womb past and future

singing and weaving the threads of time

from one Ancestor to another

We have chosen our lives, our memories

this time round

We are in perfect harmony with our Spirit quest and purpose

Us All - daughter mother sibling friend

Trust this

Trust your lineage awakening

Sit round the fire and hear the stories of your heart

As Spider weaves her magic web

so we weave

in tune with our precious Earth Mother

loving creations of peace and life force

Choose wisely your words

Words are your power made manifest


Intention of your blood and bones

carried on your breath with sound

creates your world, your reality

Remember -

the words are in the Spelling - Spells

be aware

choose wisely your words

The cross - cross to bear

feeling cross

cross roads


Words are a rabbit hole of power over...


Power with

Power within


Hear the sound of your blood memory

in all your speak



lace your sound with heart

and your Ancestors walk with you

I am hung on a cross

hands and feet nailed through flesh

I shall not conform!

I shall not speak your words!

All is quiet

and again I choose to come back

Writing from Womb. Live class

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Sep 26, 2020



Ava Shaevel
Ava Shaevel
Sep 26, 2020

Oh so very powerful and affirming

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