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Blessings in Disguise and the Pilgrimage to Embodied Forgiveness and Healing

In 2018, I was reeling from the experience of investing in business coaches I felt a strong resonance with several times only to discover as I got deeper into their teachings that they were promoting methods that felt manipulative and unethical to me. I got very discouraged because I knew I needed to learn more about how to develop my online business if I was going to make a living doing the work I felt called to do, but I was reluctant to invest in another business coach or training program only to discover the same unsavory truth, that most business success strategies in a capitalist system are founded in one form of injustice or another.

Luckily one of my Womb Awakening mentors had planted a seed in my awareness that was starting to sprout. She said: “Your womb is your best business coach”. These other systems were breaking down into compost to nourish that sprout. They could not stand up to the force of nature that is Womb Consciousness. Any system that does not center in life regeneration is crumbling now.

I knew I needed to reset my inner orientation to womb guidance, however, so I went on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, UK. I climbed the Tor on one of my first evenings there and recorded a guided meditation for myself to listen to the next day. I knew I needed this structure to activate my ability to listen to my womb guidance around the next steps in creating the womb centered healing programs I was feeling called to create and offer to the world. The next day I made sacred offerings at all of the shrines and trees at the Chalice Well World Peace Garden in Glastonbury and sat on the ground under a great Yew tree there. I played the meditation I had recorded for myself and pulled out my notepad. Just seconds into the meditation my pen started filling the pages of that notepad with guidelines for the Womb Centered Healing Temple.

This collaborative approach to business aligned with the visions I had received about my Womb Awakening work of a flower of life energy grid surrounding our planet, activated at every node with life regenerating practitioners of Womb Centered Healing. I wrote more pages about this vision sitting by the

sacred waters of the Chalice Well, listening to them flow.

When I returned home, I gave myself over to this vision. It has been guiding me in often unexpected ways. Every blessing I offer in service to this vision. Every seeming difficulty turns into a blessing in disguise aligning my life into the perfect timing with the development of this vision.

Every one of these blessings in disguise brings me closer to trusting in the unfolding of this vision I am devoted to, healing my own patterns of despair, anxiety, and doubt along the way. Often the revelation of the blessing underneath the disguise is so potent I wonder how I could ever doubt again. Like recently, when the long difficult escrow on my first home finally closed in time for us to give 30 days notice on our rental that was being sold out from under us. We got an email a week before the end of those 30 days as we were completing our moving process that they had received an offer on the place and had inspectors coming on the 30th day. January 15th, 2021 will always be a date that will remind me to trust in the timing of things.

I have a long list of reminders like this, objects and moments that represent how a greater intelligence has always been coordinating my life and purpose behind the scenes. Some stand out more brightly than others, like that Toyota 4 Runner I bought from a guy named Wolf and had to replace the transmission a month later for more than what I paid for it. I ended up with a better car and money in the bank after that difficulty activated me. In the midst of the hardships, however, it is difficult to remember to trust in the divine sentience behind it all. It is a good thing too, as often the anger and frustration we feel when things are not going well are exactly what we need to motivate us to make the changes and movement required for the greater vision to unfold.

My husband guided me through a beautiful forgiveness meditation the other day as I was facing another blessing in disguise and was feeling the necessary rage. In this version of forgiveness, the anger and frustration is not stopped from guiding us towards making necessary changes. Instead, we are thanking the people and circumstances that are the way they are underlying these feelings. This week the story is about miscommunication with my book editor resulting in mix-ups and delays around the publication of my book. It involves fear that my needs won’t be met, that I won’t be cared for. I can forgive myself for fumbling around with a process that is new to me, the editor for having the limitations he has, and the printing platform as well. This allows me to move forward in kindness while allowing my anger and frustration to create new pathways.

This growing practice of embodied sovereign forgiveness is another blessing revealed as the disguises of my difficulties fall away. Pouring us tall glasses of this elixir now. A toast to life regeneration.


Sama Morningstar is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple. Be sure to subscribe to the Womb Centered Healing Temple Newsletter to receive announcements about future blog posts, podcasts, and other offerings.

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