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Frame Work: Every thing Created is a Worship of Your Womanly Frame.

Frame work.

My body is the most mysteriously spiritual and physically phenomenal structure there is.

My ancient womanly frame birthed architecture and archetypes, that are still worshiped.

My Eyes, mouth, breasts, belly, buttocks, and vagina are sacred geometrical shapes directly assigned from existence to relate, remember, communicate, destroy, and create. She's the akashic of nature.

My frame work is in every thing man made, for he is not trying to reach the heavens or play God. He's attempting to find the secret codes of creation found only in the frame work of a woman's body, and my body is one of them.

Legendary shapes with ancient origins of primal power and wonder, that are associated with war, death, ceremony and healing all come from her glorious frame.

Yes, my beautiful body, just as she is, is heir to all of this glory.

She's even inspired of the frame work of a sacred primal instrument, the frame drum.

Throughout ancient cultures and lands, women with their drums are written about and discovered in archeological digs

Drums are still played today at sacred places to initiate the reverential remembering and worship. Drums are played in homes, at beaches, and in the forest.

The frame work of women and drums as one is returning.

Here, I Earth my body in primal ways while drum priestesses wind praise of physical and spiritual wonderment and reclamation.

I even recognize the frame work of the woman with the lens and her own frame work of the camera.

My body, her body, their body, every biological woman's body is the reason frame work is naturally important.

I am in deep love with the primal instruments of womanhood and their mystical frame work of inheritance.

Photo by: Rachel Myers

❤️Sama, I thought of you. I completely believe the foundations of the womb songs/writing from the womb sessions provided a womb space for me to ask these women to drum over my body. Remembering the drumming and songs during the bio-mystical womb apprenticeship journey gave me the foundation to receive the activation I did this day. The womb connection experience continues to strengthen. Thank you for the frame work of connecting womb to drum! I am grateful for you and the womb journey!

I must return to the writing from the womb! Potent practice to stay with, with other women!

Thank you! Womb gratitude!

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