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How Enchanted am I with my Enchantress?

The Enchantress .

She's got me enchanted. I am spellbound, feeling dangerous and magical. I am seduced by my own power and powerlessness.

I have juicy enjoyment for the constant lure of creativity in playful mischief with my Enchantress. There is a high awareness of manipulation and illusion between life and death. The Enchantress knows the sacred lines and design - and plays cautiously with it.

This is the magic, power, and attraction the enchantress holds that others can feel and can’t resist being close to.

The Enchantress is beyond whole in the dualistic because that’s the truth of the soul. She is the embodiment of the trinity. She is the three and completely free.

She holds the power to change the narrative to some of her endings. Other times, she knows she’s part of someone else’s narrative and accepts the uncontrollable change.

What dies, what’s resurrected, what stays alive. She’s aligned with that power and participates in it.

She can seduce, trick, laugh, and play until she gets her way when it’s aligned with her soul’s purpose. She can also cry, lay it all down in full reveal and surrender when the soul needs tender expression for healing. No matter what side she's on, she's not divided. She's still one with all.

That power of oneness. The aligned agreement what she's decided and what existence has decided for her is what makes the essence of my enchantress so magical, alluring, mysterious, and fun.

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