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Latching on to Divine Mother's Breast

Gazing into my own infant eyes

I see


The vastness of Divine Love

We all hunger for

And my own panic

That the main channel

Of transmitting this Love

From infant to mother

During breastfeeding

Through the eyes

Was thwarted

My anguished cries ignored

Not just my cries

But generations of infants

Whose sole/soul purpose

Was to transmit this Love

Blocked by misguided

Profit driven


Now in the face

Of the natural consequences

The apocalyptic outcome

Of such obvious self destruction

I remember

I hear those cries

Through time

Scoop up my infant self

"I am here now

Here to help you"

I latch on to my own breast

Barely able to relax

Even after satiation

For fear of being ignored once more

I hold myself

Until my infant eyes


Remembering their mission

Calling me to see

To receive

The natural completion

Of this cycle of nourishment

I see the infinite universe

In my own infant eyes

This infinity travels

Into my eyes

Encountering the tight spaces

In my jaw, neck, heart

Softening, opening, expanding

Rich, open darkness

Like chocolate melting my tension

With ecstatic heat

Tears wash away

The mask of have to's and must do's

From my cheeks

I return to singing

Quiet songs of beauty

Into the hours I was left alone

As an infant

Hungering for milk


And to fulfill my purpose

I sing a song

Of sweet reclammation

Of this birthright

Of deliverance

I am transported

With my whole family of selves

Infant, 3 year old, 49 year old

To our ancient ancestral grandmother's


We gather around the fire

For storytime

She tells us of Cosmic Mother

We see her reaching down

Placing a star

Inside each of us

Teaching us how to nourish this star

Keeping it glowing

She shows us Earth


Radiating life

Through every plant

Every stone

Every patch of grass

And soft earth

She teaches us how

To receive this gift

Through our feet

Our wombs

Our mouths

My 3 year old

And 8 year old selves

Play in the orchard forest

Outside the cave

With all of the child ancestors


In the celestial light

Filtering through the leaves and branches

While grandmother reminds me how to laugh

At the passing human delusions

That though they may play with violence, death, and suffering

Will never extinguish her power

To replenish, regenerate, harmonize, restore

She places her hand on my shoulder

Feeding me strong medicine from a clay pot

She rubs some of this medicine

On my infant self's belly, chest, forehead

Giving each child a spoonful

As they return to the cave

To cuddle around the fire

We sit listening

To the crackling fire

And our breath

It gets so quiet

We can hear all of the ancestors

Who have ever found themselves

In this cave with Grandmother

Gathering around us silently holding vigil

As all of my lostness

My despair

My loneliness

My hopelessness

Comes home to this fire

And is loved


Sama Morningstar is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and transmission conduit for the Bio-Mystical Womb body of work. She would like to acknowledge several precious influencers whose collaborative support contributed to the experiences expressed in this poem.

Firstly, Sabrina Ourania, whose recent interview on the Womb Centered Healing Podcast rekindled Sama's healing journey around insufficient breastfeeding in infancy. Here is the podcast:

Secondly, Sama would like to thank Emmi Mutale for her skillful holding through these tender healing processes. Readers may learn more about Emmi's work here:

And if you would like to learn more about the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship program, please visit this page:

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