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If you feel burnt out, dried up, uninspired, and/or drained of vital energy and are longing to reclaim your essential creativity for rejuvenation, inspiration, and fun, then this course if for you.

The 4 Elements – Fire, Water, Air & Earth – allow us to connect to the very essence of our creative power. Many cultures across the world consider these elements as the critical energy forces that sustain all life on earth.

They are present all around you as well as within you, and can manifest even beyond the physical, for example as personality traits. In this workshop series you will work with the elements to experience, explore, and express your unique creative self. We will dive deep into each element and support you in developing your own individual connection with its creative powers. We will introduce a combination of practices including guided visualization, drawing, writing, and sharing (which is of course voluntary). The main purpose of these workshops is to enable you to integrate the
elemental energies into your personal life in a way that supports your individual development and allows you to find balance within yourself.

We will work with an intuitive and meditative drawing practice that will allow you to explore your personal expression with the 4 elements. We will use very simple shapes, lines, and colors to feel into the elements and create “inner” expressions rather than trying to depict the elements. The drawing practice has an experiential and experimental nature. It is designed to be easy and accessible for anyone. No prior experience with drawing or art are necessary. All you need is a piece of letter size paper, pens, and preferably colored pencils, or alternatively colored markers. This portion of the workshops will be facilitated by Antje Howard.
In this portion of the workshop you will be invited to write during a timed writing session, letting the writing flow from your creative center, the womb space. Regardless of gender, we all have a womb space that connects us with the infinite flow of creative life force. The elements help us to connect with different aspects of this flow. This portion of the workshops will be facilitated by Sama Morningstar.
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Sama has been writing from her creative center since her early teens when a family friend gifted her a beautiful journal that became her sanctuary where she could express all of her feelings with words. This practice became a pillar of her well being and she is now in the process of writing several books on the importance of Womb Wellness and the activation of our creative power.  Learn more about Sama through the menu options on this website.
Antje is an artist, guide, and teacher whose main goal is to support self-discovery in a creative way. For a long time Antje suffered from blocked creativity, being unable to express herself freely. While she was working a great job, teaching future art teachers, she was suffering from depression, and feeling completely out of touch with herself. The only way out was to break through the blocks and start creating, no matter what. Her own healing journey to overcome self-doubt and perfectionism took her deep into different Womb wisdom schools, meditation, energy healing, and conscious art practices. First, she had to connect with herself, find and reclaim her creative center, and recover the joy of creating for it's own sake. Now, she works mainly with the Neurographica® Method, which is a transformational drawing practice that allows us to access the wisdom of our own subconscious, activates new neural pathways, and opens opportunities for inner change. As a Womb-centered Healing practitioner she focuses on the healing power of creative energy and loves to share her meditative art journeys. 
$45 per person
Includes 4 pre-recorded 2 hour video classes plus membership in an online group where you can share your creative expressions

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