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Are you my Soul Mate Client?

If you see yourself in the description below, apply here for your

Womb Listening Initiation

I am meant to serve a specific type of woman.


She is the type of woman who is not willing to settle for less than her own full potential.


She is willing to make her health and happiness her number one priority and her beauty arises from this commitment.  She is unconventional and creative with her style.  She doesn’t fit any of the molds, because she creates her own way.


She is creative and self determined.  If she doesn’t like how something is in her life she self-motivates right away to do whatever it takes to change it.  She doesn’t just settle for conventional methods.  What people normally do is automatically suspicious to her.  Because she is so sensitive and aware of how sick “normal” really is, she questions everything and everyone and looks under the surface appearances of things to find the truth.  


She has an applied spiritual practice, integrating her spiritual ideals into all aspects of her life.


She follows her intuition and inner guidance, even when it requires her to stretch and grow.  She is willing to rearrange her whole life to do so if necessary.


She is drawn to me because of who I am and how my message provides a missing piece for her growth and development.  She sees how I am growing and wants to do the same.  Her dedication to nourishing her own wholeness is so strong that when she feels the call to work with me, she re-evaluates her whole life to allow herself to follow that call, funnelling her financial and time resources joyfully into the process.  If she needs to rearrange her budget, reprioritize her expenses, reorganize her time, she does it immediately because she values her own growth in the directions I offer that much.


She is a revolutionary in the ordinary acts of her life.  She chooses where to spend her money deliberately, supporting only people and organizations that align with her high spiritual ideals.  She chooses where to spend her time and attention with precision, knowing that what she nourishes with these precious resources will grow.


She is passionate about her growth and healing.  She might even feel a bit alone with that, like most people aren’t interested in connecting with her at the depth she operates at.  She is so hungry for the depth of sisterhood and connection that I foster that when she finds it, she is all in.  In fact she is out actively looking for it, ready to jump in as soon as we meet.


She has gone through some painful things and done a lot of healing already, but she is clear there is more to go.  And she wants steady, stable growth, not just getting high with spiritual techniques and then riding the rollercoaster.  She thrives on sustainable growth and change, taking responsibility for doing the daily practices that create that change.  She enthusiastically rearranges her time to include new practices I suggest she try and let’s me know how it went.


She can receive input and self-reflects, absorbing what is useful to her and implementing it.  


She doesn’t let anything get in her way in her personal growth quest, internally or externally.


She is an avid learner.  If she discovers a blind spot, she dives in and researches and explores until she finds the information she needs.  This applies equally to intellectual emotional, spiritual, and physical information.


She wants to engage, connect and expand her comfort zone.  If she discovers something she wants to do but is nervous or afraid to do it, she jumps right in.


She loves to fully inhabit her body and enjoys the sensual pleasures of life.  She is also not afraid to face and feel the pains.


She actively engages with her emotions, recognizing  and wanting to learn more about her innate feminine emotional wisdom.


She shares openly from her heart at the same time as recognizing the importance of healthy boundaries.  She is not afraid to speak up if she disagrees with me or needs something different than what I am suggesting.  At the same time she is open to experimenting with things outside of her comfort zone, receiving the nudges and gifts of divine synchronicity.


I love my soul mate client because:

She is so grateful for and receptive to what I am teaching

She generously and promptly pays me for my products and services

She recognizes and appreciates the uniquely perfect fit my work is for her growth needs

She trusts in the divine forces that put her in my presence at this time and takes a leap of faith even if she doesn’t understand everything about what I do yet.


She is spiritually open and powerful but humbled by her humanity.

She embraces her human shortcomings as spiritual gifts nourishing her growth.


She is ready and enthusiastic about expanding into the unknown


She appreciates the step by step gradual process just as much as the spontaneous blossoming


She is kind and loving and measures her growth in the quality of her love relationships with others, the integrity of her business relationships, the health of her body, and the joy in her life.

If you see yourself in the description above, apply here for your

Womb Listening Initiation

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