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Visionary Womb Steaming

Fill out this free Womb Steaming Assessment and receive your personal Visionary Womb Steaming Recommendations before making any purchases below.

Womb Steaming Assessment

Turning in the above assessment is required before purchasing products, courses, or workshop below

Herbal Product Kits

Deluxe Visionary Herbal Womb Steaming and Nurturing Kit:

12 oz  Custom Organic Womb Steaming Tea Blend based on your Steaming Assessment

2.2 oz Breast and Belly Balm

2.2 oz Vital Energy Renewal Balm

12 oz Vital Energy Renewal Tea

$108 (includes shipping in the Continental USA)

Simple Womb Steaming Kit:

12 oz Custom Organic Womb Steaming Tea Blend based on your Steaming Assessment

2.2 oz Breast and Belly Balm

$63 (includes shipping)



Individual Products:  

12 oz Package of your custom organic tea blend based on your Steaming Assessment:  $36

2.2 oz of any Balm:  $36

Designate in the notes upon checkout which balm you want

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Lunar Cycle Womb Steaming Meditations:  A series of 4 recorded meditations to listen to while steaming on the 4 phases of the moon  

Womb Goddess Awakening Course

Awakening and activating your inner Triple Goddess with Womb Steaming


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This course is for you if you:
  • Wish to explore the healing power of herbs for your womb
  • Wish to prevent or heal from womb ailments such as hysterectomy, menstrual cramps, birth trauma, sexual trauma, and/or fibroids among others 
  • Wish to enhance the other healing processes you are working with by including herbal practices that can soothe and nourish you physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Wish to treat yourself to ancient and uniquely feminine methods of caring for yourself
  • Wish to combine the power of shamanic womb healing with herbal wisdom
  • Wish to connect with your inner Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone and awaken the healing wisdom of these energies
  • Wish to begin to heal Shadow Maiden, Mother, and Crone energies and behaviors that perpetuate the wounding and trauma held in your womb
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