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I have just a few rules about making herbal preparations:
  • It must taste good
  • It must smell good
  • It must feel good
If my preparations meet these three standards, then they must be good.  I feel our senses are our strongest allies in our health.  Pleasure leads us to good health.
A note on taste:  There are five main flavors, salty, sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter.  Some cultures include spicy and bitter in their standard diet and others do not.  If you were raised in a culture that does not include these flavors, it may take time to acquire the taste for them, especially bitter.  As I have learned of the importance of these flavors, especially bitter, for our health and wellbeing, I have learned to enjoy spicy and bitter tasting teas.  Coffee and Chocolate are two examples of widely enjoyed foods with bitter flavor.  Adjusting the strength of the tea and adding honey to a tea that is bitter can help to build the acquired taste for this flavor.  

A note on pleasure:  I must make a distinction between blind pleasure, when we ignore negative effects of certain pleasures that are letting us know that they are actually not all that healthy for us, and full feeling pleasure, where we are awake to all of the effects of something and are fully pleased.


If you would like to learn how to make your own Womb Centered Healing Herbals, please inquire about the Womb Centered Healing Herbal Apprenticeship Program in the contact form to the left.