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30 day Re-Mothering Course

This program is one of the 8 phases in the 13 Month Apprenticeship Program.  It is also a powerful healing program all on it's own, as are all of the other phases of the apprenticeship.  This is why I have decided to offer each phase as a stand alone program.  At the end of this portion of the program you can decide if you want to join us for the whole 13 month Apprenticeship.
For the 4 week Re-Mothering program, you will have full access to all of the apprenticeship materials which will include:
  • Weekly recorded ceremonies 
  • Weekly live Womb Yoga Classes
  • Weekly live Writing from the Womb Workshops
  • Weekly recorded course materials
  • A one to one Womb Listening Mentoring session with a Bio-Mystical Womb Mentor
During these 4 weeks you will journey through your experiences of your early childhood and development, becoming your own spirit guide through these formative moments in which your needs may not have been met.  You will activate the healing powers of your own womb to bring love and care to these moments, rewriting the blueprints of your life.
Sign up here to join us:
for those whose income exceeds $80,000/yr
for those whose income is between $30,000 and $80,000/yr
for those whose income is lower than $30,000 yr