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Welcome to the Herbal Womb Wellness Sign up Page

Herbal Womb Wellness Course

In this course we will explore the following topics in a series of pre-recorded sessions. 
  • Womb Wellness Assessment
  • Womb Listening and Intuitive Herbalism
  • Balancing the Menstrual Cycle with Herbs
  • Supporting sexual pleasure with herbs
  • DIY Vaginal Steaming with Herbs
  • Supporting the Healing of common Womb Ailments with Herbs
  • Growing your own Herbal Womb Wellness Garden 
Self-study and practice activities working with the Herbal Womb Wellness Workbook will be given for exploration as well.  Your own copy of the workbook will be included in the price of the workshop.  
You will also receive a one-to-one Womb Wellness mentoring session with Sama Morningstar to help you implement what you learn in the course as well as follow-up email support.  
There will be monthly live calls with Sama included in the course as well.  Dates for these will be listed on the access page as well as the recordings from all previous calls.
Pricing and Sign Up
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