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The Bio-Mystical Womb Journal is ready to order!

This has been quite a labor of love and I am so grateful for all of the support I have received from the Womb Centered Healing Temple Community.  If it weren't for all of the apprenticeship participants, podcast guests, pre-order campaign participants, volunteer proofreaders, Writing from the Womb workshop participants, mentors, and general folks cheering me on, this book would not be in existence now.  So thank you, it is truly a co-creation, and will continue to be co-created as each reader will also be writing their own Bio-Mystical Womb journey into the book, thanks to the Womb Wisdom that guided me to the journal format.

Bio-Mystical Womb Journal Cover

What's in the book?

BMWJ Back Cover Text Edited.jpg


This book is a deep dive into the essential art of self reflection. There is not enough of

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