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The Bio-Mystical Womb  Mentor Training, 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Bio-Mystical Womb Mentor.  This program is an 8 week online program which  includes weekly live calls in which we will explore the following topics:
  • Boundaries and Ethics 
  • Safety and space holding
  • Ceremonial structures
  • Fostering equitable partnership relationships
  • Guiding visionary journeys
  • Leading your specialty practices
  • Organizing group events
  • Ethical business practices
You will also have access to any apprenticeship live calls Jessica is hosting during the Mentor training which might include the following:
  • Writing from the Womb workshops
  • Womb Dance Yoga classes
  • Wombsong sessions
  • Womb Art sessions
We will also arrange a 2-3 day retreat during the training in which we will each take a personal retreat from our daily life environment and routine in order to focus on Bio-Mystical  Womb practices.
  These additional requirements include:
  • Completing at least one of the weekly questionnaires a month throughout the apprenticeship or the comprehensive questionnaire about the whole apprenticeship.
  • Attending all Mentor Training live calls or making them up by watching the replay and submitting a written, audio, or video contribution of your reflections and experience with the topic
  • Choosing at least one of the following practices to specialize in during your apprenticeship and as a mentor and diving in deep with your exploration of the practice (practicing it weekly during your 13 month apprenticeship) and submitting a written, audio, or video presentation about how this practice has supported your Bio-Mystical Womb journey:
    • Writing from the Womb​
    • Herbal Womb Wellness
    • Womb Dance Yoga
    • Womb Art
    • Wombsong
    • Visionary meditation
  • Hosting 3 separate live activities for the public, sharing the Bio-Mystical Womb materials in your own style, synthesizing your unique combination of experience, wisdom, and training with the material you are learning here.
  • Completing all of the one-to-one sessions with Jessica and your chosen mentor that are included in the apprenticeship
  • Being available to mentor and support the 3 new apprentices with at least 1 complementary mentoring session or offering 3 complementary mentoring sessions to interested recipients in your community if there are no new apprentices to mentor in the Bio-Mystical Womb program.
  • Completing 3 mutual support mentoring session exchanges with fellow mentors in training (Jessica is available to participate in these exchanges as well)
  • Reading at least 2 of the books listed in the recommended book list and filling out the reflective questionnaire about it.
Please note these prices are in addition to the cost of the full apprenticeship program.  You must purchase both in two separate transactions.

For those who make more than $80,000/year

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For those who make between $80,000 and $30,000/year

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For those who make less than  $30,000/year

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If you would like to arrange monthly payments or need a scholarship or Work exchange arrangement, please fill out the application for these options by clicking on the button below. 

Also, if you have already attended a mentor training program in the past but did not complete your certification requirements and would like to attend again, you may indicate the discount and/or contribution you would like to arrange in the form below as well.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program
If you would like to invite others to join you on this apprenticeship journey and be compensated for your efforts, you can apply up to 30% of the amount each person pays that you invited off your tuition.  Fill out the form below to claim your affiliate discount: 
If you would like to have a discussion with Sama Morningstar about any of these options and receive her assistance connecting with your Womb Wisdom about what would be best for you at this time, please feel free to schedule a free Womb Listening Initiation session by clicking on the button below.
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Q and A Podcast

Q and A podcast

Intro Webinars

Intro Webinars
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