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Womb Centered Healing Temple Summits

Embodied Shakti Summit

Embodied Shakti is a term the Womb Centered Healing Temple founder Sama Morningstar uses to describe a Womb Wellness body of work she teaches combining various meditation, breathwork, yoga, dance, vocal, Womb Awakening, and somatic trauma recovery practices to open, prepare, and activate the full union of our bodies and our spirits. Her Womb Centered Healing Temple Community requested this to be the topic for a Temple Summit.

Full embodiment of Shakti, also known as Spirit, Ashe, Creative Life Force Energy, Divine Mother, and many other names, allows us to create heaven here on Earth. This does require us, however, to take responsibility for all of our behavior and how it effects our bodies, our loved ones, our communities, and this precious planet, learn about how to be conscious participants in a harmonious ecosystem, and evolve into our full potential.

Ma'at's Photo.jpg

Ma'at em Maakheru Amen

Founder of Womb Evolution

On activating the full Womb Power of Melanated Women

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Opening Summit

To birth this online temple space, 24 Womb Wellness Specialists gathered together to share about our personal and professional Womb Centered Healing Journey.  Out of this birthing arose many inspirations about what to create and offer in the Temple.  You can gain lifetime access to the Opening Summit by making a donation here.

Pre-Opening Summit:  Feminine Creative Power Summit
In this Pre-Opening summit, 22 Creative Women came together to share about their journey with Womb Wellness and how this activates our Feminine Creative Power.  You can gain lifetime access to this summit by making a donation here.

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