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C.A.L.M.L.Y.  Cultivating the Art of Loving Meditation and Luxurious Yoga


It is becoming clearer and clearer to many that their health and overall quality of life would improve if they would just meditate and do yoga more.
 This program is designed to facilitate just that.
Imagine longing for your yoga or meditation practice instead of dreading it.
Longing for how you feel during the practice, not just the after effects or the feeling of satisfaction that you did something you "should" do.  How much more frequently would you actually practice?
What if yoga felt good while you were doing it, ecstatic even?  And what if meditation was fun?
And what if there were no hurry to achieve any goal or objective, you could just relax into how things are right now?  And love it all just as it is?  
These are possibilities I would like to explore with you in this program.  
This program is for you if:
  • You suffer from chronic aches and pains that excercise, chiropractic, and typical massage seem to inflame.
  • You are very flexible but still have pain that typical yoga doesn't quite alleviate.
  • You are inflexible and typical yoga is just so difficult and painful that you quit.
  • You have injuries that prevent you from practicing yoga in the typical ways.
  • You have old injuries that keep flaring up.    
  • You have a busy life and wish you could make it to yoga but you don't, (possibly secretly because you dread the initial few days of pain and soreness you will feel afterwards)
  • The thought of sitting still and doing nothing for a few minutes is as scary as "The Shining"
  • You have tried to sit and meditate but are assaulted with body pain and/or emotional/psychic pain so you quit.
  • You suffer from stress related ailments like irritable bowel syndrome, achy joints/arthritis, chronic fatigue, weight gain, thyroid disfunction, auto-immune disease, back pain, depression, bi-polar disorder, or PTSD.

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Sign up now and start benefitting from an inspired and gently, loving yoga and meditation practice immediately.  The monthly membership is only $20.  You deserve it.  
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If any of this sounds familiar to you, you will be glad to hear that I have been using yoga and meditation to address many of these ailments for myself and others and have developed a therapeutic yoga and meditation program just for you.  The even greater news is that it only costs $20 a month!  So read on and sign up now.  You won't regret it.
Here's what the program includes:
  • Weekly access to new videos and mp3 recordings of yoga and meditation practices developed to foster ease, calmness, and wellness in your life.  The videos and recordings are usually 20 minutes long and can be easily mixed and matched to create a longer practice if you like.
  • Membership in a private facebook group where you can ask questions, post responses, share experiences, and get support and encouragement.
  • Two monthly live video classes where we will practice together, discuss questions, and where you can receive personalized assistance with developing your practice.
Sign up now and start feeling the benefits of yoga and meditation immediately.  
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