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Coming Home to You

After the recent wildfire that swept through Harbin Hot Springs where I have worked and lived for many years, one of my favorite sanctuaries, my heart home, I am grieving, like many of you and others like us around the world.  We have depended on the spirit of the land and waters of this special place to nourish us in precious ways, particularly during times of grief and hardship.  But the land has made it clear that it needed a rest and to be nourished and renewed in turn.  


It will take many years for Harbin to be rebuilt and we will need to find ways to nourish ourselves.  This is a great gift.  It has motivated me to make my Ministry, inspired by my time living and working at Harbin, available more readily for people to take home with them.  It has also clarified for me the essential elements of the grieving process while healing from great traumatic change.  For me, the most important element of this process is to find the gift, the golden nugget of truth, wisdom, or strength that I have gained from the experience, and to share that gift with others, both by putting it into practice in my relationships and everyday living as well as by teaching others to find it for themselves.


To these ends, I have created an audio meditation to help you connect with the same nourishment we get from soaking in the hot springs from your inner source of vital energy. It is called the Inner Hot Springs Meditation.  I am offering it free of charge as a service to all who are grieving the loss of our sanctuary or any other loss in their lives and want to nourish their inner sanctuary.  Please sign up above to access the meditation.  May it serve you well.

Welcome home and thank you for visiting my site.  It gives me great joy to create ways to support people to integrate the sense of peace and tranquility they have received from visiting sacred sites, ashrams, retreat centers, workshops, and resorts into their everyday life when they return home.  It is so easy to fall back into familiar routines and patterns and quickly loose the gifts we received from our transformative experience.   The invitation is to continue to nourish that experience of self love and care when we go home and engage with our everyday lives.


The same can be said for major changes in life that we did not necessarily choose, crises that are out of our control.  We can go back to a diminished form of how things were before the big change, loss, or break-up, or we can find the gift in the experience that enhances our lives moving forward.  This is what I love to help people to find, the gem, the pearl in the oyster if you will.

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