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Guest Speaker Newsletter Opt-in Gift DIY Tutorial Sign Up

When: February 11

3pm PST

Or anytime you choose to watch the replay

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This behind the scenes tutorial is for Womb Centered Healing Practitioners who want to spread the word about their work but struggle with the tech aspect of participating in online events and building their email list.


This tutorial has arisen out of the needs of many of my summit speakers who are unsure how to set up a seamless email newsletter opt-in gift for new subscribers, which is often something asked for as part of participating in online summits and other guest speaker events.


I have helped several guest speakers in my summits through this process as for various reasons they struggled, including hiring web technicians for lots of money who then proved to have a misaligned approach that didn't fit with the Womb Centered Healing foundations of their work, feeling intimidated by the technology, and not even having a mailing list building strategy started to begin with.


This has resulted in free gift sign up links not working and many email exchanges between summit participants and myself to sort it out.


So I have created this tutorial to simplify this for myself, as well as for my summit guests and participants.


In this tutorial I will share why this practice is mutually beneficial to practitioners and subscribers, as well as event organizers and share some simple ways to set this up yourself using Mailchimp, Box, and other file sharing service providers and social medial platforms like Google Drive, and Youtube.


By the end of this tutorial, you will have a clearer understanding of how to provide a link to an event organizer that allows participants to click on it, find your sign up page with clear information about your gift, sign up, and receive automatic access to your gift.


If you would benefit from this tutorial and would like to gain access, please sign up to the right by making a $20 donation to the Temple and you will recieve access to the live call/recording.

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