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Dragon of Desire Workshop:

Are you ready to meet your Dragon of Desire?  

Do you have resistance to openly owning or allowing your desire to come to life? 

Do you feel a painful  hardening/armoring/numbing/paralyzing habit around asking for support or pursuing your desires in order to not feel the betrayal or the disappointment of not getting what you want?

Have you done a lot of therapy and work on yourself, received tons of healing support from others, and yet when it comes to your desires, you are still at a loss?

It is no surprise you feel this way.  As women we grew up watching our mothers subjugate their desires for everyone elses'.  Nobody taught us how to respond to this deeply feminine impulse to create something all our own.  


But if you are like me, you are tired of living for what others want and stuffing down your own desires.  


You are ready to live the wisdom of your unique power and inner guidance.

You are willing to dismantle whatever you need to internally and externally in order to make space for a new model of what it means to be a woman.

You are ready to meet your Dragon of Desire and begin to live your dreams with her primal power of creativity front and center.  

Join me for this workshop in which we will:

  • Examine and dismantle the belief systems and programming that is at the root of your distress around desire

  • Establish more effective, nourishing, feminine approaches to desire and creation

  • Awaken your inner Dragon, grounding your ability to bring your desires to life with the fierceness, determination, and fire that she brings

When you sign up for this workshop, you will also gain access to my private online support group for 30 days in which you can access my complete library of recorded classes and workshops as well as ask for continued support integrating your experiences in the workshop.  The cost of this membership is usually $63 for the month but I have been guided to include it as a gift to workshop attendees to support you even more.  

So sign up now and see you in the workshop!

When:  Oct. 4th, 6pm PST

Where:  Online

Cost:  $45

Sign up here

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