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Embodied Shakti Summit Schedule

April 5th, Day 1:

11am PDT on Zoom:  Live Opening Ceremony: United in Divine Mother's Love with Malena Crawford and Sama Morningstar

Day 1 Speakers:

  • Ma’at Em Maakheru Amin on activating the full Womb Power of Melanated Women 

  • Rafael Newport-Hewitt  On Spiritual Midwifery and the Integrity of Embodiment

April 6th, Day 2:

Live Events:

  • 11am PDT:  Embodied Shakti Dance with Sama Morningstar


  • Tara Star Dancer on Bellydance for Feminine Empowerment, Healing, and Birthing

  • Dawn Rivers on creating Sanctuary with Sensory Beauty and Yoga


April 7th, Day 3:


Live Events:

  • 12pm PDT/9pm UTC+2:  Weaving Destiny Call and Stitched Goddess Reading with Erika A Maizi Ng



  • Malena Crawford on the honey of connection with Divine Mother

  • Jonita Dsouza on The Undefinable Shakti

April 8th, Day 4:  



  • Erika A Maizi Ng on Embodiment through Shamanic Embroidery


April 9th, Day 5:


Live Events:

  • 2pm PDT/8am April 10th Australia time:  Yoga Nidra Practice with Chaitanya Morly-Southall

  • 4:30pm PDT: Writing from the Womb open Mic Poetry Reading with Sama Morningstar and Maya Luna


  • Reem Suqi on how an Islamic Creation Story Specifically Honors the Womb

  • Elika Aird on returning to Divine Feminine Essence through Receptivity During the Birthing Years

April 10th, Day 6:

Live Events:

  • 9am PDT:  Rootwell Yoga Intro with Sama Morningstar


  • Stacey Herrera on Embodiment through Sensuality and Pleasure

  • Sherrell Moore-Tucker on cultivating Inner Peace by Slowing Down and Resting into the Divine Rhythm

April 11th, Day 7:



  • Amrita Grace on holding Space for Authentic Feminine Embodiment from the Emptiness of the Womb

  • Qawaq Aaliyah on dietary and Emotional Healing for Chronic Illness


April 12th, Day 8:



  • Chaitanya Morly-Southall on Sacred Ground:  Honoring the Body as Shakti

  • Nicole Popper Katzender on Full Spectrum Womb Bliss: From Grief to Ecstacy

April 13th, Day 9:


Live Events:  

  • 10am PDT:  Embodied Shakti Herbal Ancestral Healing with Sama Morningstar


  • Monica Larrea on Remembering and Responsibility:  Rediscovering and Honoring Ancestral Wisdom

  • Dancing Moon on Embodiment through Pregnancy and Childbirth


April 14th Day 10:

Live Events: 

  • 10am PDT: Intro to Vaginal Steaming with Sama Morningstar


  • Donna Noble on the Healing Journey through Illness to Body Positivity and Self Love

  • Sophia Wise One on Embodiment through Creative Role Play Alchemy


April 15th Day 11:


  • Tomeekha Pitre on Reconnecting to Inner Guidance through Silent Retreat

  • Marisa Reyes on Moving Shakti Energy with Dance and Breath


April 16th Day 12:  



  • Jem Stone on the Power of Re-birthing Breathwork on the Embodiment Journey

  • Tenci and Sol Xprsn of Ufulu Child on the Freedom of Embodying our True Essence

April 17th Day 13:  



  • Tracy Shearer on the Healing Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

  • Jen Abha Oakes on Resting into the Circle of Feminine Community

  • Khefri Riley on Nourishing our Activism with Shakti Embodiment

April 18th Day 14:



  • KiMani Divine on Embodying and Owning our Feelings and Experiences

  • Emmi Mutale on Revering the Feminine through Sacred Yoni Steaming and Menarche Celebration

  • Maya Luna on Compassion for Humanity through exploring the origins of Patriarchy

April 19th Day 15:  

Live Events:​

  • 2pm PDT/5pm EDT: Eating for a Healthy Womb with Tracy Shearer



  • Kris Gonzalez on Communication with the Yoni as a Pathway to Health and Embodiment

  • Marcia Lopez on the Healing Power of Shakti  Supporting our Journey of Service to Feminine Vitality

  • Marcia Daronch on Alignment with thoughts, feelings, and actions for full embodiment


April 20th Day 16:  



  • Kristina Wolf on Embodying Feminine Energy to heal Migraines and Endometriosis

  • Esi Evans on Harmonious balance of True Feminine and Masculine Power Within

  • Monarda Thrasher on Intuition, where is is felt in the body, and how in can inform our daily lives


April 21st Day 17:


Live Events: 

9am PDT:  Drawing Out Queendom with Clare Galloway


  • Clare Galloway on Art, Sentience And The Whole Woman

  • Sama Morningstar Womb Centered Healing and Devotion to Motherly Love

April 22nd, 4pm PDT: Live Closing Ceremony

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