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Guest Instructors and Mentors

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Nicole Popper-Katzender

Nicole is an Embodiment and Transformational Mentor, an Educator of the Ancient Feminine Healing Arts, a Womb/Hara Awakening Facilitator and Teacher. She has created Womb Bliss and the Alchemical Art path and teaches at White Wolf Association of Theater and Creative Arts in Sardinia-Italy.  She is a Lumen Octave Healer and a Motivational Speaker.


Born in Brazil, as a child, she was immersed in the feminine healing arts of the Curandeiras sparking her passion for ancient wisdom and mythology, arousing her inner mystic and initiating a lifelong journey of an inner and outer quest. With the guidance of her ancestors and spiritual allies, for the past 16 years, she has been studying, researching, practicing and pursuing a variety of modalities, and techniques in the field of consciousness, bioenergetics, bodywork, sexuality, healing arts, epigenetics, soul retrieval, leading her to Womb Shamanism.


Nicole has traveled – and continues to do so, to sacred places, learning the knowledge of different cultures, communing & "downloading" codes written in the land by our wise ancestors.

Highly intuitive she focuses on harmonizing ancestral and collective Soul DNA to birth the new Potential of Love and Shakti on Earth.

She guides women and men to connect with the wisdom within  to awaken their original bliss-blueprint


Nicole offers private sessions, Mentorship Programs, Womb Circles, Classes, Workshops Worldwide -Italy, Egypt, Austria, Romania, Serbia and online.

Nicole will be enhancing our ceremonies with Sacred Site Transmissions and Activations at various Divine Mother Sites she will be visiting during the Apprenticeship.  She will also be offering some supportive materials for our Conscious Menstruation and Sacred Sexuality portions of the apprenticeship.
Emmi Mutale
The founder of Feminine Revered, Emmi is an intuitive energy medicine practitioner and a wisdom keeper.
She revels in guiding deep transformative processes for women that are all about reawakening and reclaiming the power of the divine feminine and reconnecting with our spirit guides and ancestors.
She is an initiate to a South African shamanic lineage and a Womb Awakening teacher/priestess through the Fountain of Life.
Emmi holds international accreditation in Advanced EFT (AAMET) and Matrix Reimprinting (MRA), is an USUI Reiki Master and certified in Zen Shiatsu and mindfulness. She is currently exploring the healing powers of sacred sound and uses ancient feminine practices to connect with and offer healing to Mother Earth.
Emmi also runs House of Gaia, a suburban sanctuary and a centre for healing and transformation in Lusaka, Zambia and is the creatrix of a soul-centred leadership training for female leaders of civil society organisations. She continues to support such organisations in their quest to end injustice and inequality in Zambia and elsewhere.
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Emmi will be offering a series of demonstration EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting sessions with me throughout the apprenticeship.  You can follow along with these sessions, utilizing the tapping suggestions to support your own healing process.  You are also welcome to sign up for one to one sessions with Emmi.
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Erika A Maizi Ng

"Since I attended the embroidery workshop at the island Rügen, and started to embroider my own personal destiny rug "Rushnyk", I was led to my ancestral roots in Kasakhstan, Siberia and Mongolia while travelling with the Transsibirian Railway through those countries in 2017. When I learned to embroider Kasakh style embroidery in Mongolia with an old indigenous lady, I felt such a deep reconnective moment when looking into her eyes: it was like the grandmother of all origins from this cultural background called Umaj, was speaking to me and was saying: „So good you returned back home and that you started to hold the ancestral thread. Now continue to recover all the lost stories and threads from our cultural heritage.“ (Erika in her book "The Wyrding Way: the mysterious art of weaving destiny)


And so I am continuing ever since embroidering and weaving consciously my unique ancestral thread.This has become my destiny.

What kind of unique thread/destiny are you weaving?

As a Soul based Coach and a sacred embroiderer, a Connector and Inspirerer, it is my own destiny to help you realise your own Soul‘s purpose, so that you can arrive at home within yourself and start to consciously weave your unique life‘s thread within the tapestry called life, connect with your Soul which is the bridge to the Spirit and Source expressing through you in the most unique way, and be inspired (being in Spirit) by your Soul‘s Purpose to consciously weave your own destiny

Erika will be contributing workshops about the Wyrding Way.

Growing up in Egypt, Zelphira’s journey of self exploration introduced her to a deeper understanding of self healing and a unique perspective on how to help expanding outside of the communal comfort zone with full surrender and compassion.


Zelphira’s path exposed her to different teachers, mentors, and healing modalities that aided her in forming a deeper connection with herself, and the land of Egypt ignited her birth calling into Egyptian Shamanic mysteries, 

granting her a unique understanding of the specific energy of the land.


She decided 4 years ago to immerse herself completely in the Inner Dance field. This journey started with a lucky coincidence not knowing fully what Inner Dance is, she felt a strong calling towards her first training in Bali only to discover that she has been unknowingly Inner Dancing for most of her life.


For the next year Noha went solo into the Inner Dance space which rooted her consciousness into the process and gave her a complete new view on what it is to be a space holder for herself and others.


This skill has been further solidified and honed by trainings in Dubai and the Philippines that transformed her practice into a profound journey into the inner worlds. Zelphira's deep understanding of the Inner Dance field has helped her facilitate hundreds of journeys within Egypt.


Navigating the highly intense energy fields and solid cultural conditioning, she has supported many people in their journeys on the mat and after through gentle yet powerful facilitation.  She also implements a keen follow up approach tailored to meet people where they are. Her background in shamanic practices, cacao and blue lotus medicines, 5 elements dance, inner shamanic journeying, crystal healing, CMT, access consciousness , akashic records ,with a deep journey with the tarot , along with her personal journey with women rites and womb work continues to add to her contribution.

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Zelphira will be offering Inner Dance experiences during the apprenticeship, the first one as a live call on November 30th at 10am Pacific Time.
Christine Francis

Christine is a young-at-heart old Soul who cares deeply about the journey this planet is taking.


Honoring the natural magic of living a Soulful life, she believes that our human experiences can indeed be beautiful + fulfilling as we seek ways to bridge new growth with our ancient roots. She has been personally dedicated to ongoing Soulful inquiry for over 20 years, and has been participating in healing & deepening with the Feminine more intensively over the last 9 years.


Christine has always been enamored with the stories of the world as long as she can remember. In her 20s she began to realize that she was BECOMING the World herself through her own sensory experiences, and then the realms of story opened as never before. She has studied Oral Histories and writes avidly - both fiction and in her journals.


Empathic, intuitive and logical by nature, Christine enjoys exploring the human psyche in free-form ways through drawing, movement, prayer, connecting with like-minded friends and exploring alchemy and energy medicine for the betterment of the human collective. In her own time you would find her exploring meditation techniques, working on Art projects, writing copiously and walking & singing in the forests.

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