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Heal Period Pain 30 Day Sadhana

How would your life change if your period was a time of rejuvenation and renewal for you instead of a drain on your energy?
What could you accomplish as a mom, an artist, an entrepreneur, a spouse, if your period became 3-5 days every month of extra clarity, sharply honed vision, unquestionable intuition, and the power to implement the wisdom arising from your core?  
How would your relationships improve if your period became a time filled with greater intimacy and tenderness?
Do these possibilities sound quite unlike your current experience?
I get it.  They sounded far fetched to me too at one point.  But I have learned how my womb and her cycles are powerful assets in my life instead of the nuisance many of us were taught they were.
I would love to share with you how to nourish your body, mind, and spirit through the art of devotional menstruation.  
Join me for the first ever Heal Period Pain 30 Day Sadhana and discover what it might be like to be refreshed and uplifted by your menstrual cycle.  
This 30 day course will include:
  • A 60 minute one to one session with me to customize your Sadhana experience
  • Access to my extensive collection of Womb Healing Audio and Video recordings
  • 30 day membership in my private Facebook group 
  • Weekly live stream video and audio broadcasts sharing guidance, tips, customized guided meditations,and stories to nourish your healing process
In it you will learn:
  • Key mindset shifts necessary to heal period pain
  • Dietary changes and herbal nutrition to nourish and heal your womb
  • Yoga, breathing, dance therapy, and meditation practices to support painless periods
  • Womb Steaming and Bathing practices for period pain relief
  • Pre-Menstrual self care practices to improve intimacy and understanding with your loved ones
  • Peri-Menopause preparation practices to diminish Menopausal symptoms
  • Art, writing, and vocal practices to nourish your creativity and intuition from your feminine core
This is the first time I am running this class.  If you participated in the recent 5 day challenge, you had a taste of what this course will be like, but we will be going much deeper together, so please join us.  

July 23-August 23, 2017

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