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​Herbal Womb Wellness Live Online Speaker Series

​September 11th - October 18th, 2020

Herbal Womb Wellness Speaker Series (2).
Join us in this global gathering of Herbal Womb Wellness practitioners for weekly live presentations on specific Herbal Womb wellness topics from diverse perspectives and traditions.
Here is the schedule of speakers and their topics:
  • September 11th, 1pm Pacific: Opening Ceremony with Sama Morningstar et al

  • September 11th, 4pm Pacific: Sean Ching Cheang on The Power of Nothingness with Herbs: A holistic practice with Plant Whispering

  • September 13th, 10am Pacific: Indra Singh on How the Power of the Flower can Deepen our Yoga Practice

  • September 18th, 4pm Pacific: Alexandra Grajeda on Emotional Care through Vaginal Steaming

  • September 20th,10am Pacific: Sabrina Ourania on Vaginal Steaming for Womb Trauma

  • September 25th, 4pm Pacific: Practitioner Michelle on Working with elemental energy to grow your womb healing herbs

  • October 1st, 8pm Pacific: Sujata Nandy on Revitalizing the Yoni with Turmeric

  • October 9th, 4pm Pacific: Eve On on How Vaginal Steaming can help with menstrual cycle difficulties

  • October 11th, 10 am Pacific:  Kate Strakosch on Calendula for Cervical Healing

  • October 11th, 4pm Pacific: Loukeisa Denise Edwards on Easing Menstrual Discomfort with Mugwort

  • October 16th, 4pm Pacific: Takeya Gray on Detoxing the Womb with Vaginal Steaming

  • October 18th, 10am Pacific: Kristina Berry on Healing the Exhausted Mother Wound with Herbs

  • October 18th, 3:30pm Pacific: Sama Morningstar on Womb Listening and Birthing your Herbal Womb Wellness Plan

  • October 19th, 4pm, Pacific: Chaitanya Morly-Southall on Boosting Blood Building for Womb Wellness

  • October 20th, 10am Pacific: Closing Ceremony with Sama Morningstar et al

Please see the practitioner profiles below with topics they will each be sharing on, the dates of their presentations, and free gifts from some.
Sign up through Eventbrite below for the individual dates you would like to attend live and return to this page to find the recordings once they are uploaded.  Only those who have signed up will receive the passcode for this page once the recordings are uploaded.
The recordings will be available for all attendees for the duration of the series and one week afterwards.  Those who pre-purchase the soon to be published Herbal Womb Wellness Workbook by Sama Morningstar will receive lifetime access.  You can learn more about this workbook and pre-order your copy here.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  When signing up below, you can get free tickets for individual sessions in the series.  You are welcome to sign up for as many sessions as you like.  This ensures you will receive reminder emails with access information for each one.  However, if you do not get a ticket for one of the sessions but would like to attend anyways, you can do so by going to the same access link as any of the other sessions you signed up for. 

​Speaker Schedule

September 11th, 1pm Pacific time
Opening Ceremony
​with Sama Morningstar et al
​Join Sama and the other speakers for a live opening ceremony in which we will set our intentions for the series.
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September 11th, 4pm Pacific time

The Power of Nothingness with Herbs:

A holistic practice with Plant Whispering 


Sean Ching Cheang

Womb Mandala Dance Healer  
Acupressure Emotional Energy Healer .
Womb Art Therapist
Sunday, September 13th, 10am Pacific Time
Topic: How the Power of the Flower Deepens our Yoga Practice
​Indra Singh
Indra Singh is an intuitive guide for those that are ready to face their shadow, em- brace their own wild inner guru and live a truly authentic life. She is the creator of the international flower elixir brand ‘Silent Moon Imaginarium’ and is on a mission to spread awareness of ‘The Power of the Flower’ and vibrational medicine to the masses.
Free gift: Free entry into a new amazing group full of expert advice: Yoga for Freedom - Disrupting Rigidity 
And for her next block of 6 yoga sessions starting on the 15 th of September, ' The Mind Matters', she will be offering each new student a 15% discount on the block
​Sign up here
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September 18th, 4pm Pacific time
Emotional Care through Vaginal Steaming
with Alexandra Grajeda 
Alexandra, based out of Taos, New Mexico, has been studying and practicing folk medicine and healing arts since 2014.
She serves her community as a Postpartum Care Provider, community herbalist, prenatal yoga instructor, and Mexhika Medicine practitioner.
Her practice is deeply rooted in the principle that womxn’s health must be the priority for a thriving family and community; made accessible, local, safe, and connected to the spirit of both the medicine and recipient.
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September 20th, 10 am Pacific time
Vaginal Steaming for Womb Trauma
​with Sabrina Ourania 
My determination to heal PCOS naturally led me to get a Masters degree in Nutrition & Herbalism, and transform my relationship with my period from negative to positively spiritual. Eventually, I discovered vaginal steaming and womb massage and became a certified practitioner of these ancient healing arts.
Now I share with women my core belief & approach that healing our menstrual or reproductive dis-ease ultimately lies in healing our relationship with our inner Feminine essence, the Goddess within each and every one of us.
September 25th, 4pm Pacific time 
Working with elemental energy to grow your womb healing herbs
with Practitioner Michelle 
Practitioner Michelle grew up with a gift of healing learning by the sides of her foremothers. Soulfully Healthy Living was born from the deepening of her journey to heal herself but also a purpose to share her journey with others.  
Through SHL and her family farm, D&D Life Farms, she offers services and workshops for women on Holistic Practices, Womb Healing and overall Wellness as well as healing products.
Practitioner Michelle has studied with Queen Afua (Founder of Sacred Woman), Yirser Ra Hotep (Master Instructor of Kemetic Yoga), Lisa Powers (Reiki Master), the Herbal Academy, IAWP and many others.
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Friday, October 1st, 8pm Pacific time
Topic: Revitalizing the Yoni with Turmeric
​Sujata Nandy
"I am a Tantrika with knowledge on all matters on Shakti and my wisdom was bestowed onto me from age 9.
There are no text books on what I know, as I learnt everything from the Great Mother Kali directly."
Free Gift: 15 Minute Akashic Record Reading
​Sign up for this reading on her website linked above.
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October 9th, 4pm Pacific time
How Vaginal Steaming can help with menstrual cycle difficulties
with Yvonne Meier
Plants have always been a part of my life. Growing up I was very fortunate to learn about earth based living, including herbs, from my grandmothers.
My passion for women's health was ignited after starting to facilitate Women's New Moon Circles.
I studied to be a Holistic Women's Health Educator & Vaginal Steam Facilitator, bringing support to women in all stages of life. I am currently a student Peristeam Hydrotherapist.
October 11th, 10 am Pacific time
Calendula for Cervical Healing
Kate Strakosch
Kate Strakosch photo.jpg
Kate Strakosch is a nourishment and intimacy coach who believes in the inner and outer connection of wellness and radiance.
She has a degree in nutrition and herbal medicine from Bastyr University, as well as continuing education in  vaginal steaming and  Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching.
Kate’s work deepened on all levels of women’s health as she worked through her own hormonal distress with PCOS and a disconnect from her emotional body. This led her to take a deep dive into developing and offering womb wellness services in her practice. Her own journey led her to help other women revitalize the power of their femininity and body.
Free gift:  Yoni Radiance Guide for Autumn
October 11th, 4pm Pacific Time:
Easing Menstrual Discomfort with Mugwort
with Loukeisa Denise Edwards
 I am a wise woman, a mystic, a seer, an herbalist (over 20 years, formal and informal education), a fertility specialist (currently earning certification), a Birth Worker, a healer (born this way), an alchemist, a feminist, a student, a teacher and a writer.
You are invited to join Loukeisa's  November Womb Wellness Circle.  Tickets available here:
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October 16th, 4pm Pacific time
Detoxing the Womb with Vaginal Steaming
with Takeya Gray 
I'm currently attending school for herbalism
October 18th, 10am Pacific time
Herbs for Healing the Exhausted Mother Wound
Kristina Berry
Kristina Berry is a modern mystic, empowerment coach, plant medicine lover and ancestral healer who uses a holistic process to hold space for you to explore and strengthen your relationship with the Divine and your Higher Self to heal energetic patterns that are no longer serving you on your Soul Journey.
​Facebook Group:
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Sama Red Rose Photo.jpg
Pre-order the Herbal Womb Wellness Workbook here:
Free Gift: 60 min one to one online Womb Wellness Assessment:  Book yours here
Sunday, October 18th, 3:30 pm Pacific time
Womb Listening and Birthing your Herbal Womb Wellness Plan
​Sama Morningstar
Sama is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and author of the soon to be published Herbal Womb Wellness workbook which is a practical handbook and guide to self-healing. 
In this book she synthesizes what she has learned from studying with Kami McBride, Keli Garza of, and Aviva Romm, MD, as well as her lifetime of self healing through yoga and other holistic healing modalities.
She is devoted to supporting others to move towards Womb Wellness as her revolutionary service to the world.
Learn more about her work by exploring this website.

Chaitanya Morly-Southall photo.jpg
Monday, October 19th, 4pm Pacific time
Topic: Supercharge your Blood
Chaitanya Morely-Southall
Chaitanya works with women of all ages to help them move towards Pelvic Wellbeing. She is trained in Ayurvedic healing and Holistic Pelvic Bodywork to help women release tension and emotions and build blood and vitality.
Free Gift: Blood Building Herbs and Foods PDF
October 20th, 10am Pacific Time
Closing Ceremony
with Sama Morningstar et al
​Join Sama and the other speakers live with your questions and reflections from the series
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