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Thank you for your interest in ordering the Herbal Womb Wellness Workbook

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In my work as a Vaginal Steam Facilitator, helping women assess their overall health with close listening to their menstrual cycles, and restoring balance and vitality through steaming and other herbal wisdom practices, I have received numerous requests for a guidebook for these practices.

In my research I have noticed that there are many herbal guidebooks for women's health, but few share extensively about the benefits of vaginal steaming.  It seems to be calling out to be written.

I have also noticed the need for a workbook or playbook format for a book like this, where readers can answer questionnaires, complete self assessments, journal reflections, and plan out courses of action.  Students in  my online Herbal Womb Wellness course have been begging me for something like this.

So that is what I have set out to create.  As of December 1st, 2020, I am in the final phases of editing and formatting the book and hope to have it available through Lulu for international print on demand and ebook ordering.  

The Indiegogo campaign I ran during the months of October and November has completed but there are still a number of supporters who want to pre-order the book.  I so appreciate this support as it will help me to get the professional help I need with these final steps in creating the best workbook possible for us.  So I decided to create this page on my website for anyone who would still like to pre-order.

Thanks so much for your support!

Pre-order your workbook here:

Make a donation to support the publication of this book here.  

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