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Peacefully Luxurious Ultimate Spa at Home


Gents, are you looking for that special gift that will knock your beloved's socks off?  That will win her heart and soul?  That will make her feel like the queen that she is to you?  Well here it is.  I will walk you through step by step how to create the Luxury Ultimate Spa Experience right in the comfort of your own home.  Send the kids to the sitter's for the afternoon.  Transform one room in your home into a royal sanctuary, and celebrate your love in creative, do-it-yourself style.  



















Sisters, moms, aunts, and girlfriends, are you grateful for your loved ones and always looking for ways to get together and uplift eachother's spirits?  Here is an affordable, creative, and fun way to spend time together and celebrate that sisterly love that is so precious without breaking the bank.   You can learn how to do your own Luxury spa treatments at home with simple ingredients that you probably already have! 













So don't hesitate to sign up by entering your name and email in the form to the right and paying the very small cost of $18.  Yes you read that right, only $18 for the most luxurious Valentine's day ever.  (The treatment you will be learning how to do for yourself goes for $250 at the spa I work at, by the way.)



And don't forget to sign up to the right as well.  


This course is also included in the Heavenly Bodies Seminary Membership along with a lot of other great things.  Check it out here.

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Ladies, are you wishing you had a gentleman or ladyfriend in your life who would do this for you?  Why wait?  You can do it for yourself, be the ultimate lover of you that you are longing for.  Celebrate self-love and kiss loneliness goodbye.  And if you do have a boyfriend, hubbie, girlfriend, or sister that you would love to do this with but they just would never think of it, set it all up and surprise them with it.  Some of the best relationship advice I have ever listened to is:  Give that which you want to receive.

So here's how it works:  

  • Once you sign up you will receive an email with an ingredients list and a series of instructional videos on how to create your delicious home spa treatment.

  •  I will also have a facebook group up where you can ask questions about any part of the process. 

  • That's it!  Easy peasy!

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