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Re-Mothering Workshop


Cost: $45

Sign up Here

Dear Wombsisters, many of you have expressed an interest in a workshop about Re-mothering ourselves, giving ourselves the mothering that we wished we had received as children.


This is a very healing practice, especially if we:


* still get emotionally triggered when we talk with or think about our mothers

* long for the world to be a different, safer place for women

*feel the lingering effects of a broken bond of trust with our mothers

*felt abandoned by our mothers

*suffer from feelings of low self worth

*get overwhelmingly emotional in response to the challenges of life


In this workshop we will examine the mothering we received growing up, identify the gifts and strengths of that mothering as well as the gaps and shortcomings. We will access our Bio-Mystical Womb Wisdom to create personalized methods of Re-Mothering for each woman in the workshop.


When you sign up you will receive an email with journaling questions to explore that you can submit back to me to be included in the group process if you cannot attend live, so when you view the recording it will be as though you were there with us.


To sign up, simply pay the $45 fee through this link and you are in: Sign Up Now

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