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Solar Simplicities



So many of us struggle and suffer over our daily activities, eating, excercise, meditation, work, relating to others.  Here you will find offerings that will help you develop healthy, simple, and joyful approaches to these daily practices.  Nurture a healthy relationship with food, cultivate a vibrant, inspiring movement practice, create a meditation practice that you can't wait to do everyday.  Begin to shift your attitudes about work, and maybe even the type of work you do to reflect the life you want to be living.  Learn ways to share loving and uplifting interactions with even the most challenging beings in your life.  Sign up here for some e-courses, daily challenges, and private coaching to improve the quality of your daily life.

Mantra Dance Daily Challenge

Combine movement, meditation, and mantra to nourish yourself each day.  Join this free 5 day challenge of inspiring 5-10 minute practices to uplift your body and soul.  Subscribe above for more information.

C.A.L.M.L.Y.  Cultivating the Art of Loving Meditation and Luscious Yoga

Develop your personal meditation and yoga practice that you really love.  Everything from movement to sound, guided visualization, walking, chanting, writing, even gardening, can be used for meditation.  And Yoga is simply the practice of listening to yourself.  Cultivate practices you enjoy.

Sama's Kitchen

Learn simple, healthy recipes that are satisfying and nourishing.  From Vegetarian to Vegan to Raw Foods, to Paleo, to Herbal Medicine Making, to Home Spa Treatments, there is something here for everyone.  Subscribe below for my newsletter to learn more about the next series.

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