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Wild Woman Rising Workshop

Date:  TBA

Where:  Online via Zoom

Cost: $47  

Sign up here


 Upon signing up, you will receive an email with a Wild Woman Body Map to reflect upon with some journaling prompts. If you cannot make it live for the workshop, you can submit your journal responses ahead of time and we will include you in the workshop.  So what are you waiting for?  Be Wild! Sign up now!

Kelley Springer's Wild Woman Rising Workshop experience
In this workshop we will discuss your specific challenges to freeing  your wild woman and create individualized solutions for you and your life.
You will discover simple everyday practices to recognize, access, and activate this source of your feminine power so you can feel the joy and inspiration of your wildness once again.
You will also learn how you can start applying this wildness to
  • Your personal relationships to foster more intimacy and love
  • Your physical health to become more vital and alive
  • Your emotional health to become more honest about how you really feel and discover the wisdom in all of your emotions
  • Your spiritual journey so you can open up more fully to your full potential as a spiritual being embodied on this planet
  • Your professional life and sacred vocation so you can fully develop and express your soul's purpose
​If you are ready to set your wild women free and come fully alive, then don't hesitate to sign up.   I look forward to seeing you there.
Sign up here
Are you ready to nourish your wild woman self once again?
What happened to that girl that wasn't afraid to get dirty in the mud?  Or climb up high in a tree?
Who wasn't afraid to speak her mind and ask for what she wants?
To take risks, be spontaneous, surprising, and unpredictable?
Are you hungry to bring her back to life again?
If so, then you know that your wild woman is a vital resource that your dreams are hungry for as well.  She is the missing piece to all of your endeavors that have been limping along, as if with one leg.
If you are like me, you are no longer willing to live a life of quiet desperation.  You want to awaken your wild woman and come fully alive.  
Tammy Dowling's Wild Woman Rising Workshop Experience
Kaitlin Romine's Wild Woman Rising Workshop Experience
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