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 Guest Speaker and  Co-CreativeFounding Member Portal

Womb Centered Healing Temple Guest Speaker and  Co-Creative Founding Member Requirements:

Thank you for your interest in being a Guest Speaker and possibly becoming a Co-Creative Founding Member of the Womb Centered Healing Temple.  Here are the requirements and guidelines for the differing ways you might want to get involved in this beautiful healing space:

Becoming a Guest Speaker:

I will be hosting a variety of guest speakers for a variety of events and ongoing series on Womb Centered Healing.  If you would like to have an initial interview about participating in this way, you can book a time for an Interview here:  Interview Booking

I would love for you to fill out a questionnaire to help me to learn more about your work and your approach to collaboration.  You can access it here.

Becoming a Co-Creative Founding Member of the Temple:

One of  the central messages I received in my guidance to create this temple space is that in a Womb Centered world, we are not alone, we don't create alone, we don't prosper alone, we don't heal alone, we don't carry our burdens alone, we don't transform alone. 

However, in the world of Patriarchy, with domination based models of partnership, the illusion of being alone, sole accomplishers of great things, lone receivers of wealth and power, trick us into striving along with stiff upper lips, though we are longing to be together with our fellows.


Co-Creating in harmonious partnership often requires some shedding, menstruating of this  mask of fierce independence to return to our innate abilities of connection, interdependence, and collaborative resonance.  Together, we can create new beauty that has never existed before.

I, Sama Morningstar, regularly shed layers of the stiff upper lip, lone ranger approach to creation that has been a big part of my reality until now.  The Lone Wolf, scouting the wilderness, finding the treasures and bringing them back to the pack, has been my spirit animal for decades.  Now is my time to bring it back to the pack.

If this rings some bells for you and you want to connect more about how to get involved, please explore the first steps listed below.

1: Schedule a Mutual Support Visioning call with the Founder, Sama Morningstar to discuss the vision of the temple and how you might be feeling called to participate: 

Book 30 Minute Mutual Support Visioning Call Here

2. Compose an agreement document that we co-create together that outlines the framework of how you will participate in the workings of the temple, what your contribution to the temple will be, and what benefits and privileges you will receive.

3. Submit your Bio and Photo to be listed on the Co-Creative Founding Members page

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