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Writing from the Womb Intro Course

There is a dark velvety place inside us all.  

We remember this place from when we were there, inside our mothers' wombs.

This is a place where sensations and senses merge together, creating sounds that have color and texture, flavor and aroma.

It is a place where thoughts have substance, we float in the language of dreams.

We hear/feel/taste the dance of our mother's heartbeat in harmony with our own.

We breath the fluid flavor of love, with all of the emotions that are included in the ecstatic agony of life.



After we are born, we slowly learn to separate our senses, valuing some things more than others.

We cry in mourning for the loss of this sense of oneness with all that is and struggle for the rest of our lives, secretly longing to return to that experience, all the while not realizing that we have this place inside of us.


We feel our calling, to help others with their suffering, sharing the tastes of reunion that we have experienced, and wanting to share about it.


We write.


But the words often fall short of the exquisite moments of return we hope to share about.


We long to tell our loved ones how we truly feel.  Express the quality of our love.


We long to inspire others to feel this pulse of love coursing through them, to truly feel it.  To live it. To become it.


When we return to this place inside our wombs or haras and reconnect it with our communication centers, our hearts, our throats, our insight, we can begin to find words to express this deeper level of truth pulsing through all of life that we are all longing to share.


When we write from this connected place, what we share begins to have a richer flavor, touches our readers more deeply, and awakens this reconnection for them as well.


As we write about our Womb Centered Healing process and the healing offerings we want to share with the world, it feels important to cultivate these connections, truly write from the womb/hara, so our writings, even the basic simple things like bios, website copy, and course descriptions, express our deepest essence and nourish the kind of intimacy we want to cultivate with our readers right from the first sentence they read from us.


In my writing practice, I have discovered a big difference between what I write when I am in “getting things done mode” from what I write when I am deliberately choosing to connect with my womb space and write from there.  


As I have integrated the practices in this course into my days, this gap has diminished significantly, especially if I have some writing tasks I want to do and take the time to dive deeply into my womb connection first.

So let’s dive in to this course and discover what treasures and beauties are just waiting to pour out onto the page.



The first step is to create a Womb Journal for yourself.  The video to the right has some suggestions and guidance for this process.  You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like, but designate a journal for womb writing.  


Create your Womb Journal


Then, once you have watched this video and maybe even made your Womb Journal, I invite you to join the Womb Centered Healing Temple Facebook Group if you are not yet a member and share about your Womb Journal creation process.  Ask a question. Share photos of possibilities. Share the finished product. Write about your process around it. Do a live video telling about it. Use the hashtags #WritingFromTheWomb and #WombJournal. I look forward to seeing what you create.


Once you have made your Womb Journal,  you can set aside 20 minutes to listen to this Womb Breathing Meditation.


After doing the meditation, set a timer for at least 10 minutes and write on a new page in your Womb Journal:  

Dear Womb, what message do you have for me today?


Then write:


Dear (your name), ...


Then write whatever comes out, non stop, until the timer goes off, or longer.


This practice of nourishing and then listening to the womb is very therapeutic.  Our feminine core has become quite accustomed to being ignored and neglected. It can be quite potent to surprise her with such simple, loving attention.  And she will very likely surprise you with beauty you didn’t know you had inside, waiting to be expressed.


Next, you might want to schedule in some Womb Writing time over the course of the next few weeks or months, depending on how much you enjoy this process and would like to incorporate it into your life.  If you set aside 30 minutes or more, that should be enough time to do a meditation, either one of the recorded ones in this course or one of your own, and then have 10-20 minutes to write.


fantasy-2945518_640 (1).jpg

The next meditation in this intro course will help you deepen your Womb Listening practice.  You can access it here:


Womb Listening Meditation


This meditation will help you become aware of any healing and/or nourishment practices your womb might be calling for as well as any support with this you might be needing.  These are often the first messages that come up when we start listening to our wombs as there may be a great need for this before our wombs can begin to share about much else, especially if we experience any chronic menstrual pain and/or have any unresolved emotional pain or trauma stored there.  Your womb may very well insist on attending to these issues before, or at least subsequent to, your womb writing journey.  

Writing about this healing process is often quite fruitful and supportive of the process as well.  Especially if you have a sister circle community focused  on this womb centered healing process that you can share your writings with.  




As we re-connect to our womb wisdom through these simple practices of attention, breath, movement, sound, and visualization, we begin to strengthen our channels of energy flow and embody our whole being more fully.  When we channel this connectivity, this renewed vitality into our writing, previously unaccessed beauty emerges. We begin to express our creative essence more fully, and transmit the healing energies we are called to share with the world through our words.  


Please share any writings that your feel inspired about, that surprised you, and/or that feel like potent messages for you in the Womb Centered Healing Temple Facebook group, and/or the Temple/Apprenticeship Mighty Networks Groups, so we can support you on your Writing from the Womb journey.  And stay tuned for upcoming courses to deepen this practice, bringing it into our practical writing projects.

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