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Please browse the mentor profiles listed below and listen to your womb wisdom about which ones you might like to receive mentoring from.  Choose your top three and enter them into this form:
Meghan Lockhart
Meghan Lockhart ​

Meghan is a Bio-Mystical Womb Mentor. She weaves in her training as a Priestess and Yoga Teacher to support mentees come home to their radiance and embody their Divine Feminine wisdom and power. 

Her approach is to support mentees activate remembrance, anchor into inner gnosis + stabilize within their centre to navigate change + make decisions from a place of clarity, sovereignty, and inner peace. She facilitates the process of alchemizing inner wounds into gold by working with goddess allies + archetypal frequencies to support mentees embrace themselves more fully.

She is the focalizer of Wild Moon Temple and stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a devotional community offering to support the mission of embodied love for all. 





Facebook group:

Learn more about Meghan through her blog or YouTube Channel.

Naomy Raven
Naomy Raven


Naomy works with magical and healing sound and movement, helping you find your true voice. Expressing that which needs to be released, kindly, gently and supported and calling in your magic and healing power; connecting your heart, soul and womb wisdom for greater creativity, joy and purpose; calling in peace, fun, joy and bliss as you step more and more into your power.


One of her passions is conscious parenting, enabling true self care and healing in order to deal with old trauma and triggers, healing the ancestral line so that we can be more present and our chidren can grow up happier and more empowered .

Magical Mantra Mama Website: 

Sacred Voice Healing Drum Website:


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