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Please browse the mentor profiles listed below and listen to your womb wisdom about which ones you might like to receive mentoring from.  Choose your top three and enter them into this form:
Meghan Lockhart ​

Meghan is a Bio-Mystical Womb Mentor. She weaves in her training as a Priestess and Yoga Teacher to support mentees come home to their radiance and embody their Divine Feminine wisdom and power. 

Her approach is to support mentees activate remembrance, anchor into inner gnosis + stabilize within their centre to navigate change + make decisions from a place of clarity, sovereignty, and inner peace. She facilitates the process of alchemizing inner wounds into gold by working with goddess allies + archetypal frequencies to support mentees embrace themselves more fully.

She is the focalizer of Wild Moon Temple and stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a devotional community offering to support the mission of embodied love for all. 





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Learn more about Meghan through her blog or YouTube Channel.

Kristina Berry ​
We live in a society that does not support feminine energy but relies on it quite heavily for support. 

Many women are in such a high state of chronic stress, overstimulation and "busyness" resulting in detrimental effects on their mind, body and spirit-the most vulnerable being our womb health. 

I call this the Exhausted Mother Wound. 

For me this “wound” manifested in my body as endometriosis, fibroids, heavy prolonged bleeding and menstrual migraines. 

I tried several interventions including hormone therapy and several surgeries but nothing healed my womb ailments more than learning to slow down and align to the feminine energy flow in my body.

Calming the nervous system and releasing trauma from the body is the gateway to womb wellness. 

Through plant medicine, womb-listening, and embodiment/trauma release processes I can support you to revolutionize how you manage your time, energy and health for a more nourished, empowered state of being.
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Ava Shaevel​

Ava is a somatic being that is learning more and more about how to listen to her womb space each day. Ava was sexually assaulted last year in Indonesia, and since then has been learning how to slow down and listen to what she is needing to birth into existence, moment after moment, for nourishment and care that is rooted in sovereignty. 


Erika Maizi

I am the author of the book 'The Wyrding Way: the mysterious art of weaving your own destiny'. This book is an account about how I went from feeling uprooted and disconnected almost all of my life to conscious destiny weaving through sacred embroidery arts. Wyrding meaning weaving in Norse language.


Through learning Soul based Coaching to root myself in Soul and deep Womb Wisdom through the Bio Mystical Apprenticeship, I am particularly passionate to support women to unleash their intentional Soul and Womb Creativity Powers.


Through reconnection with my ancestral lineage of Siberian and Kasakh roots through embroidery with indigenous women and extensive training with Siberian Shaman, I am furthermore destined to support women with rituals to connect with their ancestral roots to fulfill their destinies which give them wings.


Through the connection with Wyrd, the void of all possibilities, our inner womb and the greater Womb of all existence, I am guiding women through natural cycles of development, so that they grow from within like a strong tree with roots and wings.




Learn more about Erika through her book, blog, interviews, and YouTube channel

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Jennifer Jarvis​

Honoring the right of knowing what nature provides, what practices your ancestors had, and what practices are available to you now begins with your freedom to do what's coming from inside of you. Taking steps to tend to your innate knowing and inherited primal creative energy, then practicing it and protecting it provides greater control over health, wellness, and way of living. Moreover, passing down healthier, more natural habits to present and future generations all from what's close to our bones and blood. Jennifer believes in this unique feminine power inherited from the womb.  

Jennifer has been creating safe, nurturing, and fun spaces for and with women for over a decade. 

She lives to play and connect with women in her and other communities around the globe. She is an accomplished, open-hearted facilitator whose wisdom is born from personal experience and formal education.

From sacred rituals, ceremonies, and events to roaming free in the wild, Jennifer is genuine in whatever she does. She is a community thread, writer, mystic, certified facilitator in feminine movement, women’s circles, and womb mentor. 

She is the creatrix and owner of Sacred Smoke and Ritual and is currently writing a book to be launched in 2021.

Jennifer lives with her family (including pets & regularly visiting wild critters) in Missouri. Originally from Maine, Jennifer brings a wealth of experiences and traditions to her roots to her community teachings.

Gathering and supporting women in their freedom to call themselves in is Jennifer’s passion. “Women come home to their bodies, tap into and trust their natural wisdom, and use their honest expressions to empower their own and other women’s voices. They become more compatible with themselves and more of a compliment to the world.” – Jennifer Jarvis

Learn more about Jennifer by reading this blog post. 

Naomy Raven


Naomy works with magical and healing sound and movement, helping you find your true voice. Expressing that which needs to be released, kindly, gently and supported and calling in your magic and healing power; connecting your heart, soul and womb wisdom for greater creativity, joy and purpose; calling in peace, fun, joy and bliss as you step more and more into your power.


One of her passions is conscious parenting, enabling true self care and healing in order to deal with old trauma and triggers, healing the ancestral line so that we can be more present and our chidren can grow up happier and more empowered .

Magical Mantra Mama Website: 

Sacred Voice Healing Drum Website:


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Hazel Grove

Hallo, my name is Hazel of the Grove. I am a Shamanic Practitioner, Womb Priestess, Wise Woman and Enchantress. It is my joy and passion to assist and guide others into Awakening to their full potential, becoming their own Self Empowered Healers, Guides and Teachers.


For very many moons I have worked with Plant Medicine allies, Dreamwork, Sound Healing, Meditation, Sacred Earth Sites and Animal Allies. My intention is that as we heal ourselves, as we awaken and rediscover our power as creators, and reclaim our Spirit, we heal our Earth Mother and All Sentient Beings.


I offer Shamanic Therapies which include Remembering Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Therapy, Shamanic Journey and Ceremony, Kambo Ceremony, Clairvoyant Tarot Reading and I am also a Soul Midwife for the Dying.


I look forward to connecting with those of you who feel inspired and drawn to connect with me.


In Beauty and Truth may we all find our place, our Sacred Space within and interconnected with All Life and the Universe.


Hazel's Healing Grove Facebook:

Kambo Grove Facebook:


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Nicole Popper-Katzender​

Nicole is an Embodiment and Transformational Mentor, an Educator of the Ancient Feminine Healing Arts, a Womb/Hara Awakening Facilitator and Teacher. She has created Womb Bliss and the Alchemical Art path and teaches at White Wolf Association of Theater and Creative Arts in Sardinia-Italy.  She is a Lumen Octave Healer and a Motivational Speaker.


Born in Brazil, as a child, she was immersed in the feminine healing arts of the Curandeiras sparking her passion for ancient wisdom and mythology, arousing her inner mystic and initiating a lifelong journey of an inner and outer quest. With the guidance of her ancestors and spiritual allies, for the past 16 years, she has been studying, researching, practicing and pursuing a variety of modalities, and techniques in the field of consciousness, bioenergetics, bodywork, sexuality, healing arts, epigenetics, soul retrieval, leading her to Womb Shamanism.


Nicole has traveled – and continues to do so, to sacred places, learning the knowledge of different cultures, communing & "downloading" codes written in the land by our wise ancestors.

Highly intuitive she focuses on harmonizing ancestral and collective Soul DNA to birth the new Potential of Love and Shakti on Earth.

She guides women and men to connect with the wisdom within  to awaken their original bliss-blueprint


Nicole offers private sessions, Mentorship Programs, Womb Circles, Classes, Workshops Worldwide -Italy, Egypt, Austria, Romania, Serbia and online.



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