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Immaculate Re-Conception: a message from Mother Mary

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

About that statue of me you have on your altar

The one you got from the thrift store

To reclaim and rescue my memory...

Thank you for your love

For hearing my call of despair

Languishing under the weight of the lies about me

And for listening to my voice

Firstly, the color of my skin

On the statue

Is all wrong

My skin was and is much darker

So dark my eyes gleamed like stars

In the night

The flowing robes with gold edges are good

But the sunburst halo behind my head

Is a bit imbalanced, don’t you think?

There needs to be at least two more

And the biggest one in front of my womb

The one behind my heart is a bit too small

And the burning flames rising could be bigger as well

One at my power center to represent my integrity

Fortitude, and stamina

And the one at my womb

That womb you worship with prayers

Grateful for its fruits

How about a cornucopia

Overflowing with nourishment

There as well?

As for the story so many are telling

About my virginity

That word meant something different to us back then

It just meant that I wasn’t beholden to any man

I was free to love as I chose

And I chose to love

I made love to the divine

In all my lovers

They were all angels

But one in particular

Gleamed in the night

I sang songs about our union

We blossomed in divine love together

Our lovemaking ignited a love so great in me

You are still blessed by it

Many millennia hence

It was so brilliant

So alive

That my son was conceived

His conception was an explosion of divine bliss

He was the son of the embodiment of divine love

That was our union

So yes, he was the Son of God

But not because I did not have sex with a human man

But because our sex was divine

It grieves my heart

To see the suffering humans have created

By perpetuating this misconception

By equating sexuality with sin

By making God asexual

This is so obviously a lie

All life is created sexually

If God created all life

How could God be asexual?

So I thank you for reclaiming

Your sexuality as one of God's most precious gifts

And for recognizing that it is the union of God and Goddess

Within each of us

And between us

That creates new life

Yes I suffered and forgave much

And can teach you pure divine unconditional motherly love

Nurturing you from the passion of my heart

Through the milk of my breasts

And from the fruits of my womb

Which are not limited to my beautiful son

Who lived in divine union

Because that was how he was conceived

But pour forth as the fruits of emotional wisdom

Teaching you how your sexuality

Can nourish your creativity

How your monthly cycles can help you

Shed lies and illness

And activate magical rhythms and codes of artistry

How your embodied and rooted divine love

From the womb

Can create miraculous healing

For all of humanity

Nourishing our evolution

Towards our purpose as a species

Embodying heaven here on earth

So yes, light a candle, or a thousand

For your prayers to me

And then go and awaken your womb

Reclaim your sex

Embody the divine light of your essence

Re-conceive of yourself

As a divine being fully integrating into your human form

Transforming humanity with every breath

With every orgasm

With every creative passion that arises in you

That you nourish and bring to fruition

Imagining that the Fruits of my Womb

Pouring forth

Nourish your womb to pour forth as well

Not just brilliant children

But divine love






Heaven here on Earth

This poem was written by Sama Morningstar, inspired by the Bio-Mystical Womb Re-conception work she is creating. To learn more about this body of work, visit the intro page here:

Please share your reflections and inspirations in the comments below.

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