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Book Review: Womb Wisdom, by Anaiya Sophia and Padma Aon Prakash

I have given myself some time to read this book so to be able to look at it from different perspectives.

As depicted in the image the authors take you into the womb through the form of different spirals that can be entered when going more deeply on the journey of discovering ones own womb space.

I enjoyed getting a deeper understanding of the womb, it's value and its power and learning about different practices that one can do to connect and awaken the womb wisdom that lies (sometimes dormant) within.

I was quite fascinated by the information on the views of different cultures across the planet on this matter.

Sometimes the writing felt a bit too complex for me and I felt as if I could not stay grounded and focused to take it in.

Here I would like to add that I have read this book with a special degree of discernment and importance of checking in with my intuition since one of the authors has been accused of abuse, namely Padma Aon Prakash.

I value what Anaiya has to offer from her own wisdom and experience I wanted to read this book nonetheless and stay on my own journey of feeling into the truth of the subject while reading.

The book also offered some beautiful poetry.

Mostly I enjoyed the subject of death and rebirth through the womb and I resonated a lot with the understanding that this kind of journey and experience is very embodied and yet also beyond simple intellectual understanding - it is raw and unfiltered.

I personally would like to phrase this chapter of the womb the chapter of unbecoming, unveiling and of revelation.


"Power is found in the darkness once you are brave enough to consistently venture into it and claim your power."


"Returning to the womb means you die and get reborn."


There are a few details I would like to share so anyone who reads this may benefit from it as well...

There was a good amount of talk on how the loss of womb wisdom in our day and age has created an imbalance, that the center of gravity for a woman should be in the womb and the heart and is now much more in the head.

I can certainly relate to this statement and am still working on consistently moving gravity back to the womb.

And when I do, I feel my internal pillar of groundedness and stability much much more.

I resonated with a lot of statements that went into dissolving cultural conditioning and taking back responsibility for ourselves...


"Deep within you know that you must go beyond cultural and acceptable norms in order to stand in your own authority."


"Self-responsibility and Self-empowerment go hand in hand."


On death and rebirth...


"Enter death and you enter life."


"The knowledge that we can die any moment and that death is our ally, teacher and friend also leads to deeper appreciation and gratitude."


Another thing that I find so important to point out was that in the West we often want things fast but that is not actually the true pace of life. Some things need careful tending to.

One might even say they need to be cultivated, in order to become strong and powerful attributes.

And this can also be found in the so-called "spiritual world", just another spell of the matrix, as Anaiya says. And here again we may find ourselves in the process of letting go, unbecoming, we can be free and truly connected.


"loss becomes the way forward

it all has to go

the degree to which you hold on is the degree

to which you are denying truth"


I would like to mention that we need to be careful when it comes to deconstructing the layers of self, it is a very sensitive process and the scale of balance can easily tip over without proper care.

All in all I found the book filled with interesting information, helpful practices and good questions to ponder upon.

And of course I loved the mystic that came out within and through this book.


"Signs point the way & the way truly is signless."


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