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Bio-Mystical Womb Healing with Jessica

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Full Moon Feminine Power
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Full Moon Feminine Power

I grew up in a family that did not respect the feminine.  My mother was never taught about her powerful cycles of fertility, how to honor and respect her body, or how to attract and cultivate intimate relationships with people who treated her with respect.  

This resulted in her becoming a single mother at age 17 with me.  She soon got into a relationship with my step dad who treated her with very little respect due to his cultural and emotional background as well.  

As a sensitive and very spiritual being, witnessing this often traumatic disrespect towards the feminine throughout my childhood deeply impacted me.  I internalized these patterns of disrespect towards my feminine core which caused a long list of physical health ailments that called for my attention.

Throughout the 25 years of my personal and professional journey focused on healing these patterns and the ailments they caused, I have returned again and again to the centrality of the womb.  From healing the traumas of my birth process to healing my own sexual shut down patterns, cultivating my relationship with my womb has been crucial to my health and vitality.  

Through my personal healing process I have discovered a deep calling to help other women learn how to give their own femininity the respect it deserves and magnetize this same respect from others and their lives.

Listen to what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about my Womb Healing Work

"It has just changed the way I do business, given me permission to stop coping and start utilizing it (my feminine cycle) as a resource instead of this blunder, this eternal blunder that I just had to cope with.


It's really become key in developing the processes for my business.


Jessica doesn't tip toe around topics.


She allows people to discuss what they are really feeling and what they need to get out.


That to me is the stage in which people start seeing results because if there is something you can't talk about or if you are made to believe there is only one way of seeing something or feeling about something or experiencing something and you're having a different experience with it, that really slows the healing process down.  


Jessica accelerates the healing process for women because she is not afraid to go into all aspects of womb healing and even beyond.  


Getting to the heart of it, she knows how to get to that point, taking people to that point of accepting those awkward feelings and then moving through them because you and I both know that there's no real work done, no results without going to those dark places that you're hiding and that you're tip toeing around.  


Jessica just goes there without batting an eye and that is why she gets results so quickly."  Thalia Barret

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"I was experiencing deep loss because my mother and father both died and that triggered old loss of a child born before his time and my sense was that Jessica could help me with that deep loss.

She is willing to go to the deep places, the very feminine places.  We can carry a lot of wounding as women when we over give, over care, ignore our own feelings, ignore our sense of self, ignore our intuition because it's not safe to express it.  We're not fully seen or heard.  Jessica fully sees the people she works with.

Jessica helped me connect with my deep loss and see the gifts that came from it..let some of the pain go...forgive myself for being human...remember to take the time to listen to myself.

The feminine voice is often silenced today and Jessica is making sure that's not the case.

I can go with the flow more easily now, most of the time.  There is less intense conflict in my life, less us and them.

I am less concerned about being right, more concerned about harmony, more in harmony.  Because we are all on this journey together."  Tanya Levy

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"I had a knowing in myself that I needed to work on my divine feminine balance.  That I have always been ostensibly imbalanced and ostensibly more masculine than feminine.  I needed to address that and work with my own resistance  to addressing that.  

I knew that Jessica would work with me in a gentle way.

One of the things that Jessica really taught me is that your body talks to you.  And learning to stop and listen to my body.  And that's something that happened so subtly that I didn't necessarily notice that I was doing it.  I was hearing what my body was telling me and what it meant.  
For example, my low back went, just gone without warning.  I was able to fix that in 24 hours by acknowledging it and working out what the emotional pain was by just taking the time to listen to what my body had to say and to what I intuitively know to be the case.

Professionally, I am very much more aware of when I am reacting to something negatively, I stop, where as before I might have become really cross about it.  Which means I am able to see things in a different way, take the me out of it and look and see the situation as it is.  It has made me able to engage on a more compassionate level. 

Because I was out of balance, I wasn't accepting my womb, I wasn't listening to it and now it is a part of me, part of the flow.  The last thing we did which was about  planting seeds, about the creativity process and bringing inspiration out into the world and allowing it to grow has really stuck with me not just as an analogy but on an energetic level.  

Jessica was always two steps ahead of me, guiding me where I needed to go.  I was quite often resistant, I knew I was resistant and was working through it, and she guided me where I needed to go in a very comfortable way so I never felt like I needed to get up and run out of the room screaming.  It was just a natural progression for me to go where she was taking me which allowed me to integrate what she was talking about without necessarily realizing that I was doing that.

The work Jessica has done with me is not a one time thing.  It will always be there and I will continue to build on it."  Polly Hearsey

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"I have been having some issues around my womb which made me disconnect from my interests in feminist spirituality.  Listening to your meditations helped me to reconnect with myself.
The most surprising thing for me was the depth of the messages, the potency of the wisdom that was inside me.  I got these huge images and they really sparked creativity in me and wanting to reconnect with myself, my spirituality, my creativity, and everything.  Before then I was feeling so disconnected from my spirit guides, like if I saw them it meant something bad.  Then after the Heal Period Pain 5 Day challenge started everything again, I have reconnected with myself, had positive messages, positive experiences with meditation.
I didn't even realize until I started this that that (womb healing) was what needed to happen (to reconnect with my spirituality).
I have had more motivation to change my diet and listening to things you say about how it's all connected has made this little voice turn on inside of me that says 'No don't eat that, eat this, eat something that is actually going to give you nutrition.'
If you have this little voice in you that is niggling, saying listen to that, read this, get involved in womb healing, then you should definitely listen to it."  Violet Wolfe

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"The title 'Womb Healing' really grab me but I really felt I should give it a chance and I am glad that I did.  I was becoming more aware of my relationship patterns that I have had for as long as I can remember and seeing how they were controlling me.  I was aware of them but I couldn't seem to do anything about it and I had tried a few things including plant medicine and I really  wanted to make that stick.  
The womb healing is really important for me and everybody because we live in such a masculine society, where everything is in check boxes and rigid and it's just the way it is.  There isn't a gentle graceful approach to things and that's the feminine side.  I was disconnected from my womb so much so that I was infertile.  It was a literal disconnect.  Maybe that's changed now.  We'll see.
I was not aware of the power within me to create.  Instead I had accepted the masculine viewpoint of forcing things through and that was very much causing me struggle in my life because that's not how it is meant to flow, it's the opposite of flow.
It's not just about being connected to spirit, which is great, but I was completely ungrounded.  I don't need to figure out how or force it through.  All I need to do is ask for that guidance from that creator, from that gentle womb spirit within me, within the earth, and it's out of my control and releasing that and knowing that all I need is that desire and the belief that everything's working out and just let it happen.  It was a big jump to let to let go of the need to force things through.
I still am having to apply your advice routinely and when I don't I quickly remember that I probably should have."  Fairlight Ahlgren

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"I am going through the menopause and I needed some support around that and some relationship issues and thinking about where my life is going...My daughter needed some support and I was hoping to learn ways of supporting her through my coaching with you as well.  

It intrigued me that you were working with the womb energy.  I hadn't contemplated that the womb could be a real source of power and energy.  That was something that I have really grown to appreciate.

I have developed a daily practice of listening to one of Jessica's meditations every morning.  For me that was a breakthrough as I find it difficult to meditation daily.

Also, with the menopause, when I have sleep difficulties in the middle of the night, Jessica's meditations have been perfect for that.

That simple act of placing my hands in a heart shape over my womb is so loving and nurturing and I had been looking outside of myself for that.  It really taught me that I've got my own energy source there.  I was able to share that with my daughter.

I was able to do lot's of things about clearing my debt, I got myself a car, and am more able to get to meditation evenings farther afield because I released my poverty mentality by doing that.  I then received an unexpected check from my bank for quite a large amount because of interest they had overcharged me that I knew nothing about.  

So many good things have come from this centering of myself and nurturing myself.

We do draw on our feminine power a lot but we don't nurture ourselves as we need to and Jessica has really helped me to look at that and now I can share that with my work colleagues and in my own healing work."  Denise Braitsch 

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