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Air Dragon Dance: The Dragon's Dance Meaning Takes Flight.

The Dragon Dance holds a special place in my heart from Chinese cultural experiences. The Dragon Dance was originally created as communication to the ancestors. They danced as an offering.

In the dragon dance, they also asked for blessings in agricultural fertility, health, happiness, and protection to themselves, family, and community. The movement became the prayer.

The longer they dragon is, the more room for wishes, offerings, and prayers to go out and the more room for the blessings of longevity, prosperity, and happiness can come in. They believe this brings good luck to all the land and those in it.

Today, Sama hosted the Air Dragon Dance. Today was the first day I shared my heart with the Great White Dragon of Air and the Heavens as we took flight.

There was the call to breathe not just into my physical body, but to breathe life into the spirit of my heart. That's where my beautiful, white air dragon lives. Today, it lit up my heart with bravery to soar in freedom of my imagination.

The intelligence of my heart and mind was free to come together without the controlling influences of my physical and psychological nature. There was no room for reason, I was free from the stored memories of my past shaping my present, and I was connected only to the positive expressions of my own power to explore the unknown and the unheard.

This physical expression of dance let me energetically explore the heights of unlimited, uncensored, and unconcerned destinations my soul truly desires to go.

When following the dragon, I was following my own heart.

I got to offer my movement as a prayer for heath, happiness, protection, and prosperity in every moment. I felt such strength and positive feelings, I knew what luck was now on a new level.

What an incredible journey from being on the edge of a tall cliff on a thick emerald green field to soaring to the top of the clouds with my eyes closed bathing in the warmth of the sun calling me to match the strength of my personal power to it's everlasting light and power. I soar in the white. I soar in the light. I soar in the love. Then, I go higher into the infinite universe visiting my ancestors. Love, love, love. Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge.

I soar back down to the ground with a renewed reunion.

In the end, I landed on a giant nest on the top of great gray mountain. In the nest, I sit upon the pearl of wisdom and rest.

Coming out of the meditation, I felt high but not a high of being disassociated from my body. In fact, this experience was quite the opposite.

The whole time, I was constantly connected to the unlimited potential of physical presence without judgement as well as constantly connected to the unlimited wisdom of my spiritual heart.

I was high in my own sensations of grace, happiness, freedom, and love. Pure inner peace and harmony.

There were many songs and melodies within me, I made a playlist for anyone who wants to use it for their own journey or inspiration to make a playlist of their own.

Music travels in air. Songs are sung by air. Why not enjoy a little music with it to sing and dance to as well I thought.

Thank you Sama for these opportunities for me to tune into myself, tune into my own music, and tune out anything else that does not count.

I am grateful for this journey.


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Sep 11, 2020

Thank you so much for this Dragon medicine and the playlist,dear Jennifer

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