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Alder Tree: Healing in the Womb Chamber

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Today, I attended a live call with Sama and the Ancestral Council and while in the Womb Chamber, I received some very deep healing energy and remedies for a very old womb trauma that I have been working to heal in the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship this past year. As we were going into meditation, Sama asked if there was anything that needed healing, I had a visual of a necklace that I recently came across of a little bird’s nest with pearls inside, representing a mother and her children. I immediately thought it was beautiful but then it made me feel sad because mine would only have two pearls in it, as I miscarried my third baby. When I arrived safely in my Womb Chamber, I knew that my ancestors and I would be working on healing that memory today. Although it feels like I have been healing this wound for many, many years, it seems that the healing comes in layers and just when I think it is done, I receive more insight into the lesson and more clarity as to why I had to have the experience. Today, in the Womb Chamber, the baby I lost came to visit me. He climbed right into my lap for a snuggle and gave me a little heart, his heart, as if to say, ”I’m still with you and will always love you”. Even ten years later, this made me tear up. I can still feel some residual sadness and an emptiness left by his abrupt departure (I miscarried after only 8 weeks). He said that the lesson he came to teach me was how to love without attachment and that in letting him go, I was growing in the most divine kind of love and that is selfless love. And then this wise little soul assured me once again that the love we have did not disappear and that it is still very much alive and available to me. All I have to do is call it in and connect with it. As we prepared to leave the Womb Space, I cried and cried. I realized that I had never fully allowed myself to grieve the loss of this pregnancy. When I was finished sobbing, the little boy pressed a gift into my hand before he turned to go back home, a small bottle of Alder Tree Essence. Over the years, I have worked with many different plant essences but for some reason have not yet acquainted myself with Grandmother Alder.

The Alder he gave me was the Red Alder, to be exact, and it is a very ancient tree that was much revered by my Welsh and Irish ancestors, for both its energetic and physical medicinal healing properties. It is a very long lived tree that is known to support the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras, giving one a strong sense of rootedness to Mother Earth. With that said, it can be very helpful in healing low back and reproductive issues and also assist one in being able to financially support oneself. This remedy can be very helpful after any kind of lower spinal injury or surgery and/or after a difficult childbirth or miscarriage, as it nourishes and harmonizes all the nadis and energy circuits in the lower spinal region and their reciprocal organs and tissues. Incidentally, I have had a great deal of pain in my low back and hips for many years after having had the surgery to remove the fetus that aborted itself and two subsequent car accidents. How perfect, to have this remedy gifted to me at this time in such a special way! Looking back, I remembered that soon after the miscarriage, the man in the garden center tried selling me an Alder tree and I refused, saying it was too big and shaggy and ugly. If I had only known… Hindsight is 2020. Another interesting attribute of the Alder is that it has the unique characteristic of being able to restore the pH of depleted soils where nothing grows and the wisdom to restore just the right nutrients to that soil. Traumatic injuries or surgeries can affect our bodies in a way that is similar to a piece of land that has been bulldozed, poisoned or destroyed, in that the lower torso/chakras have been disturbed. This essence provides healing energy and nutrients to the cells, or the ”soil” of this region and helps to rebuild it and make it strong again. Until now, I had not realized the connection between the surgery I had and the disconnect and subsequent unrest I felt in these areas of my life that correlate with the first three chakras. My husband lost his job and my family was forced to uproot itself three times in 10 months, and it still feels like we are on a shaky foundation, as far as our finances are concerned. The Alder sounds like it will become a trusted friend and support. I am hoping to resolve these recurring patterns with the help of this new found ally. Thank you Sama and to all the women in the group for holding space for this powerful healing to occur today Here is the link for the Alder Essence that I chose to work with and in the spring, when the trees are in bloom again, I will go foraging to make my own.


The Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship is an ongoing 13 month program

and is an initiation into ancient Womb Wisdom practices remembered and revisioned for our modern lives. If you are interested in learning more about the revolutionary work of Sama Morningstar, check out this video


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