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Ancestral Healing of Kazakhstan individually and collectively

My roots of origin are burning.

Everything is shaking and crumbling.

So much anger, frustration, resentment against old structures.

Poor people cut from basic needs due to rising gas prices.

Anger, disillusionment, riots without an end.

Why not stepping on the mountaintop and seeing a new horizon?

Everything must die that no longer serves the greatest good!

After death, the new can be reborn.

Almaty's totem of the apple is rotten.

It is falling and returning to Mother Earth's Womb Tomb,

so that new seeds can be planted.

Can you feel that we are now being planted for something new to be reborn?

Trust, surrender, embrace chaos and death.

This is not the end, it is the beginning.

Like I have died and am resurrecting after my breast cancer journey,

so will my roots in Kazakhstan after those main transitions.

Like wild flowers on the mountaintop,

new life will flourish and bloom when the time is right.

It is all about weaving love of all in betwixt and in between places- that is the Wyrding Way (Wyrding means weaving in Norse).

I am planning an international crowdfundingcampaign of a traveling multicultural tapestry of a New Earth with weaving as a tool of creative love in action. Here is a video of my vision of Wyrding Medicine:

Who hears the call to join this Wyrding movement?

Brave to be Wyrd and unfold your own myth and start to weave with me and the divine will provide the thread - that is the Wyrding Way" 😃❤️


Wyrding Way Wisdom Deep Dives

- Different Wyrding Way Courses (including "Leaving your Comfortzone":



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