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Ancestral Healing through reweaving of patterns of hard work and lack of money into abundant flow

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

During the ancestral healing ceremony, my deceased mother appeared and also my grandmother and my whole feminine ancestral lineage.I felt a very heavy burden and like my wings of the dragon were cut off. I also experienced severe inflammation on my toes thumbs on both feet with very painful mucus coming out, exactly during the ancestral healing phase. Interestingly it was also most painful on my left foot and toe, the feminine side, so that I literally wasn't able to walk and my feminine life force energy was stuck and poisoned like the sign of the mucus.

No wonder, I experience recurring money issues where I simply cannot get my bizness to take off or where I rely on state benefits to get by. I furthermore remembered that growing up in communist Kasakshtan the first nine years of my life, people who had money were non-existent or considered evil. All connections and belief systems around money that I was passed on were negative. Additionally, the Communist Ideology taught that women had to go straight to work after birth, which meant that I hardly saw my mother growing up in Kasakshtan and it was my auntie and also my tennis trainer who took up the mother role for me. Being a professional tennis player from a very young age and put in a boarding tennis school at the age of five, I also just experienced severely disciplined and "hard" everyday life of training and doing everyday chores and tasks in a perfect and highly disciplined manner. Being a playful relaxed child was non-existent in my life.

Thus, I developed the imprint that a girl has to work very hard to be somebody, as well as doing it on my own without the support of my parents by my side. Furthermore, I am still experiencing the negative pattern of lack mentality surrounding money, finding it difficult to ask for it for my services or how to accumulate it without having to rely on my father or the state to support me.

Following the ancestral healing phase during the Bio Mystical Womb centered Healing Apprenticeship, I did a vision board, where I cut out images of me bathing with my full body in the Baikalsea and also stepping my feet in the waters coming from the Alataumountains in Almaty, Kasakshtan where I come from. I experienced a great sense of healing by feeling into the abundance that the deepest sea of the world, Baikalsea, brings as well as simply stepping into money flow by connecting with my ancestral streams and waters.

I feel like my mother and grandmother are rejoicing me on my healing journey and give me the message that I am the first in our family line who has got the opportunity to choose freely what work I like to do, how much money I ask for it and doing it with ease and grace. Interestingly, my left toe thumb was also like magically healed and the mucus just transformed from being inflammed at the root into abundant flow of energy. I haven't received a magical stream of income of money flow yet, but I trust and feel connected to the flow of money from my ancestral waters and see what is emerging. To be continued....


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