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Ancestral Womb Story

My first writing from the womb, live with Sama.

I am sitting around a fire-

All of us-

My belly round and pregnant.

The night is still, there are stars and my breath travels visibly, thick and warm through the cold air.

Noises in the distant coming closer. We want to run. No where to run. Done running.

My baby is coming. Warm water from my legs melt the snow.

The noise is getting closer.

We do run.

Further in the depths of the frozen forest floor.

Till no more.

I lay exhausted.

My belly contracting in waves of sweating pain.

I must breathe. Breathe. Cannot shout or scream it will draw the noises closer to us. They will catch us.

My clan of 6 surround me.

I think of our fire, our home we have left knowing in my heart of hearts we cannot go back.

A wave of panic swept through me and froze.

My child was coming.Now.

Nowhere to to go.

Just cold.

As I was sharing, narrating, this womb writing with the live womb writing group, I felt waves of grief, being released from my bones, this story, is all our stories. The mass tribal genocide, being heard, felt , witnessed and released.

The experience was powerful. A stark remembering and reminder of how our now relatively comfortable lives (on some levels) has been paid for in blood sweat and tears by our lineage of Ancestors. Comfortable in as much as not being overtly pursued and killed for refusing to conform to male dominated religious self appointed authority.

It is the levels that we are not comfortable on that give us the momentum and inspiration to walk the path of Self healing and Empowerment. Healing ourselves , our descendants and our future lineages.

This story echoes from all continents, all Ancestors and indeed all life.

This writing from the womb mediation was both poignant and powerful. Certainly I feel a sense of release and acknowledgement. Release of collective ancestral grief that is stored in my bones, in my dna, and an acknowledgement of how hard those lives must have been. Hard is a huge understatement. Also, a realizing, the perception through feeling this story that this experience was just a glimpse, a fragment, a tiny aspect of all the tribal, Ancestral, and feminine lives and wisdom that has been eradicated in the name of a male god dominance and oppression. So so many personal stories and experiences all woven into that mass genocide of his story.

Through our wombs we can all begin to reclaim our sovereignty of empowered women.

Because we haven't been eradicated.

Our Spirit, our wisdom, our families keep returning. To do the healing. As we heal ourselves so we heal our Earth Mother, and all her beings.

I feel from my womb there are more of the womb writings for me to experience. Womb writing meditations aka deep healing experiences.

Thank you Sama


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Jul 14, 2020

Beautiful feeling beginning to's continuing. Xo


Jul 14, 2020

Thank you for sharing this deeply healing piece.

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