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Awaken Your Inner Goddess with Golden Milk

Every woman is an

inner moon goddess, we practice our power via our different stages of life, menarche, menstruation and menopause, here as a Womb Healer, I would like to shine this vibes to my sisters around the world - Conscious Eating , Conscious Awakening , and Conscious Receiving the gift from mother earth.

We are what we eat and drink,

We are our own guru,

We are the conscious being who are being, feeling, having, speaking, seeing and understanding the physical , emotional, spiritual and mental need and desire.

Turmeric golden milk has been part of my life ritual to release my tension , relax and restore energy for loads of brainwork, physical training and hormonal tuning with garam masala , the ancient wisdom from Ayurveda.

To heal and repair the DNA, which is a belief to tone my Mindfulness and receive the universal bliss.

Remember , healing requires the practical intake to bring ourselves back to reality from illusion, grief and trauma.

Every food we take is information, which talks to our DNA, which repairs the cells containing every blueprint in life.

To accept the transformation , we accept the destruction, surrender to the pain.

It takes some time to realise via different buffering , suffering, emotional emptiness, loneliness and agitation.

Always keep the faith, your body is intelligent enough to purify, receive and restore energy to connect with your consciousness.

Start your day with :

Turmeric Golden Milk [Moon Milk]


Group A

1. Anis star x1

2. Cinnamon stick x1

3. Clove x1

4. Cardamon x3

5. Black pepper little

Group B

6. Turmeric 1tsp

7. Almond milk 50ml

8. Stevia little

9. Extra virgin coconut oil 1tbsp

Group C

10. Dried rose petals little


  1. Crack the cardamon

  2. Place group A in a small pot, heat it up with water covered the surface of garam masala

  3. Till it smells aromatic

  4. Add in almond milk

  5. Dash group B in the pot, simmer it

  6. Talk to it , manifest your wishes

  7. Pour it in a mug, decorate it with love

  8. Sprinkle the dried rose petals on top.

Inner Goddess Ritual

Before practicing this ritual, purify your mind, calm yourself down, watch it, place it closer, smell it and hear it, feel the warmth of your favourite mug.

Allow the quality of aroma and taste stay in your mouth, your mouth is like a portal, awaken the tongue and teeth, last but least, say " Thank you", swallow it with love and compassion.


Hormonal tuning

Heal menstrual cycles



Boost libido

Brain fog


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