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By Jessica

I take my own hand

Guide myself along a path

Of pulsing fingertips




What it feels like to be alive

Every sensation

Pleasure or pain

A unique flavor

Spicy or mild

Sharp or smooth

Dull or on fire

Movement is simply a response

Or instigation of sensation

Tingles create a trembling

Waves of core ecstasy

Evoke undulations


Sudden shock waves

Trigger the primal curl

Trembling, undulating, shuddering


Can all evoke tingles, ecstasy

Shock waves of pain

The truth is

Nobody knows for certain

How this infinitely mysterious life

Will feel tomorrow

Or in an hour from now

We can guess

Based on past experience

We can choose movements

Hoping to create what we want

But ultimately

Nobody really knows

So we create elaborate structures


With cement pillars

Marble countertops

Steel cabinets with locks

Security alarms

Guard dogs

Emergency alert sirens

To give us a false sense of knowing

We study textbooks

Take weekly quizzes

Discuss with colleagues

Earn degrees

Add letters after our names

Abbreviations for extensive titles

So others can relax into our knowing

All the while

Knowing we don’t really know

Learning to hold ambiguity


In soft open palms

Allowing for differences in interpretation



So what’s the point of regulatory committees

If the forest will always end up a chaotic mess

Of fallen trees

Crossing branches

And rotting leaves covering the ground

A tangle of vines

A thicket of brambles

Impenetrable mystery

Winding through the network of roots

Connected by fungus

The sentient being that truly understands how knowing works

Offering nutrients and information

Wisdom to all it touches

Breaking down waste

Recycling life back into itself

We are no different than this forest

Connected by a mysterious intelligence

That’s only visible

When our fruiting bodies

Pop open under the right circumstances

Releasing our essence into the air

Jessica Huckabay is the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and hosts Writing from the Womb Workshops weekly. Learn more about this and other offerings by exploring this site.

Evie is assisting Jessica to publish her work online

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