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Blood Poetry: Message from the Womb

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We are all children of the Sun: Born of Womb

Look at the World through the eyes of a child, through the lens of wonder

Let your Ancestors meet you through the Doors of Imagination

We have webbed feet

and swim deep deep down in the Universe you call the Oceans

We are the Ancient Ones

First there was Dolphin

Then there was Breath

and Blood

Swim deep in your Blood

We are the Roots that grow down down far and wide

and the Branches that reach to the Stars

* We are all Musicians swimming our way through Life together *

The Magic in the Moment

Each Moment is Magic - Precious

A Bud for the Blossoming


Dive deep into your Blood for there are the jewels of your Tribal Wisdom

Your Ancestral Vines that carry your Memory from Future Past

Dive deep into your Blood and claim your Birthright

As Pure Spirit Healing Manifest, Awakening! Awakening! and Memory

You are the Ancestors !

Bleed our stories, rich with Ancient Spell

Woven into Womb upon Womb upon Womb

Our Earth Mother bleeds her voice into all her Children

and we weave lifetimes of Wisdom, hidden

in our very cells



Blood, Root, Vein

Beneath all the grief we have carried in our deep heavy mother hearts

Womb Woven Wisdom

Swim deep in your Blood

for there you know is the return home

And your Ancestors shall meet you in the Doorway of Imagination


A thousand faces in the Space that spans Forever

For here, the threshold of a dream, veil of Life Death Rebirth

A thousand Ancestors

One weeping a Blood River, The Hearth of the Earth, Stories

Time Is Now!

Tears of All Tribe in our veins, Awake Dear Ones

Imagination is Creation is Manifestation


In Magic Nation

I Magi in my Nation

The Magician, Enchantress, Creatrix in my Flesh Blood Body

I the Magi in my Womb Nation

A thousand faces in my Womb

for here, is the Threshold of a Dream

Portal, Life Death Rebirth

I the Magi in my Womb

here is the River of Blood

that flows, timeless, from Mother to Mother to Mother.

In Magic Nation shall We Heal.

This was my latest Womb Writing that flowed forth in the live session of Writing from the Womb.

I love these sessions and never know what is going to be writer.

The sentence that is asterisked in the first part came synchronistically from the music that Sama was playing. Near the end of the first session my awareness went to the music and I heard those words. Just those words. They aligned with my womb message so I added them in in the space place where I heard them. Reading, they seemed to fit so there they are.

Reading I feel memories in my Blood.

So much appreciation for your work Sama Thank You


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