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Book Review: Shakti Woman, Vicki Noble

I read this book last year, it was on my reading list and it turned out to be on my dear friend's shelf and she had never read it. Some of it was less interesting than others but I would definitely recommend reading it. Here are a few musings on it ❤

One idea that she had was living in groups of women and children with and men visit. Makes a lot of sense to me. Sometimes a family where we all live together works well, but I know a lot of women single parents who are their own extended family and support system and that works really well. Sometimes the idea of living and connecting with women and then having a lover (at certain times of the moon perhaps!) appealed to me somehwhat. Is it the old programming of the fairytale that perhaps often keeps us trying to make a nuclear family set-up work? This particularly resonated for me at the time as I was separating from my daughter's dad and one of the main things we conflicted over was parenting. I have observed that possibly men can be less empathic, or perhaps more stuck in old patterns of obedience rather than connection. There seems to be some wisdom in perhaps how more matristic cultures lived.

I liked her idea of learning astrology experientially. I had often not got far with the study of it and she suggests this a male abstract way and that we as women would learn better by feeling it. And to start with the moon. Observe it through the 12 signs for a few moons - or even a whole year, to get to know the energies of each sign by how we feel. Then doing the same with the sun and perhaps one other planet for a year - say venus or mars. Her sharing of big changes in her life and how they related to aspects in her chart and those of close people really resonated for me and though I have not looked into mine in this way, massively feels very true for me for certain big changes in my life.

There was a lot of information about female calendars, the moon, matristic cultures and how conventional archaeology seems to have missed the point, apart from a few female researchers looking from a different perspective. Many artifacts she identified as Goddess focused rather than sun-worshipping cultures previously thought. And what to some may look like a bull head is actually symbol of the womb.

There is a really helpful dream section, with 3 methods for working more deeply with them, one of which I still use now, which is being each dream character and/or object and speaking as it. I have received much unexpected wisdom this way.

With love, Naomy Raven

About Naomy: I work with magical and healing sound and movement, helping you find your true voice. Expressing that which needs to be released, kindly, gently and supported and calling in your magic and healing power; connecting your heart, soul and womb wisdom for greater creativity, joy and purpose; calling in peace, fun, joy and bliss as you step more and more into your power.

Having done a lot of environmental work and healing for the Earth, I came to know that as we heal ourselves we heal the Earth and as we heal the Earth we heal ourselves. Close to my heart is conscious parenting: tools for connection based parenting and enabling true self care and healing in order to deal with old trauma and triggers, healing the ancestral line so that we can be more present and so that we and our chidren can grow up happier and more empowered. More info can be found here

I was blessed to have been an apprentice for the last 13moons with Sama Morningstar where not only have I been on a deep journey of healing I have also been encouraged and supported to further develop my gifts and healing work for others. For info on the Apprenticeship please see


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Nov 20, 2020

Thank you for sharing the insights and inspiration you received from reading this book.

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