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"You are our Healing-Womb Ancestors and we remember you."

From Writing from the Womb workshop.

Mint wants to be my friend, and I feel love towards her, fondness. I can smell her freshness in the room with me as I write.

My Womb Sanctuary is a field of mint, that leads to a long, wide , sandy beach. Waves are drawing breath in time and rhythm with my breathing and I feel soothed and energised. My heart is here, open to the warm wind, like coloured glass. This is the place of gentle love, where I can enter into the calm reality of love, a place from where I can safely and comfortably love this beautiful world.

A Descendant is here; a young woman from far future, a well-of-womb woman, come to show me something new and yet ancient. She shows me how to embody love, in an open, uncomplicated way, but with strength and knowing, not innocent or naive. This is a capacity to love that has been tested to all of its edges and come through strong and certain and vibrant.

She is a child of our healing. She carries a sprig of mint in her hand and comes walking lightly and confidently, a smile on her lips, wind in her hair. She knows about love that is determined, and trusts itself, a love that keeps flowing like menses, not needimg space or permission from anyone else, not measured by others' capacity to love, but held as securely as a well-loved baby, carried with pride by her tribe.

This future knows and values love in its wholeness, unquestionable. This love is grounded in and mirrored by the love in nature that makes all things grow and thrive. This woman lives the way we dream of living, the dream our healing is moving to, reaching for, dreaming of in our womb dreams.

Her mothers and daughters stand fierce and proud and gentle, filled with wild love, love from the wild and returned to the wild, its wild nature loving deeply and with no shame, no doubt, no calculation. This is a love on behalf of the wild, in praise and participation with Mother Earth's own love, supporting and empowering that love from their own wild hearts. This is conscious loving and is effortless, and awesome.

In this place I am healed and whole already. I have no crooks and kinks, pains and awkwardnesses, no issues or doubts, no resistance, no fears. It's so simple, so obvious, so natural, so familiar, and yet unfamiliar and curious.

However did you arrive here, achieve this, what did you have to do, and to go through, to have the strength to hold such a love in perfect balance?

I suspect this is the universality of love, the true and sacred nature of love. The space we live in here seems unnatural and confining to the heart, and yet also vacant, where we need it hold us steady and secure.

Only through pain and sorrow did we arrive here, she says. When pain arises we consciously address it and gain strength. In each encounter with grief, with anger, with every loss and abuse and violation of love, we learn to hold it better.

The healing you are doing now is pivotal and deeply valued by us, she tells me. You are our healing-womb ancestors. We learned from you, and we remember you.

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hazel grove
hazel grove
11 авг. 2020 г.

I love that this writing comes from a healed future, and we are honoured as Ancestors that are doing the healing.. I very much relate to this perception of us being the Ancestors..Beautiful and poignant


Thank you! This speaks to me so deeply and assures my trust in love.


05 июл. 2020 г.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Such a healing journey.

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