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Broom Making Class: Strengthening connections with one of women's most powerful tool.

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Despite all of the technological advancements, nothing replaces the broom! I blurted out loud with a satisfying giggle. I just took the last sweeping stoke to clear the the dried leaves off slabbed front porch.

I leaned the broom pole and my body against the brick wall to admire the cleanliness of the area. I felt my muscles relax encouraging me to sit right where I stand- so I did.

Gazing at the broom, I squinted to study the fine lines and details of the broom bristles. I felt an indescribable feeling as I imagined and reflected upon broom making, it's relationship to women. I thought about the tall tales with little information. Most associations nowadays are nowhere near the glory days the broom used to have.

Today, the boom in a woman's hand can symbolize a suppressed, domestic woman who is held captive in her own home. On the other hand, the most popular image (especially this time of the year) is the "witches" broom. Yes. The highly sexualized, witchy woman who makes deals with the devil and casts spells to get what she wants in life. The modern day broom's history is unreliable. Now, it's time to find out the herstory.

What's in the middle of these two most popular beliefs about the broom meaning?

What magic does the broom possess to have such wild stories told that last through out the centuries?

What impact did/does the broom have on my ancestors I inherited and belief?

What does the broom represent to me?

All of these questions and more swept me right off my feet! I wanted to know more. I realized the little information I did have and the wealth of information I didn't have (and ignored or assumed) now came before me.

I decided to find out myself.

Within the week, I wild foraged fall sticks, twigs, and some decent branches. I cut some bristles, bought some charms and ribbons to make my broom complete. I followed my intuition and guesswork from studying the fastened broom photos I saw on pintrest. I read about the types of wood I selected. I got to know the trees to get to know me- and my family "tree." I developed a relationship with all who contribute to the existence of this broom.

To my delightful surprise, the process turned out to be one of the most revealing craft works I ever did.

I uncovered mysteries and learned about the lore, practices and imagery of the broom and its relationship with women. I even redefined pieces that needed it and filled in blank spaces.

The broom I handcrafted, is now one of the most empowering tools of and for my womb.

Now, broom making is part of my growing passions. I continue to make brooms for myself, for others, and teach people how to do it themselves.

I am honored and excited to share this Broom Making Class with you! May this offering be your invitation to try something new, face things that are old and sweep them away!

In this class we will strengthen connections with one of the most powerful feminine tools by:

Exploring the rich landscape of the broom and redefine it

Uncovering the mysteries, lore, practices and imagery of the broom and it's relationship with your womb, ancestors, nature, and women's history

Discover and define what the broom means to you

Practice sustainable material gathering

Then, we'll take this work one step further by creating your own broom based on your personal relationship with your womb and all of the medicine you have within

Have opportunity to share in a safe and fun online circle.

The broom and women belong together in the most timeless way that not even technology can change their true meaning and power.

Watch for more details to come!

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Thank you for your excited anticipation. The announcements, invites, and items will be posted tomorrow morning. Happy Harvest Full Moon!


hazel grove
hazel grove
Sep 24, 2020

Really interesting post.. Would love to join this group thank you


Sep 23, 2020

Wow,amazing article Jennifer👍❤.I really look forward to craft a broom co-creatively with you and feel deeply into my womb what those fab questions bring up from within❤


I am looking forward to crafting with you!


naomy raven
naomy raven
Sep 21, 2020

Oh looking forward to this!! Thankyou Jennifer <3

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