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Cave spirit + human

Writing to and from the womb with womb centered healing temple Sama Morningstar





I love the crystal allies

You are welcome to stay in the womb space as a pool of water and fire is also welcome.

There was a time I a cave spirit sitting in the cave as cave welcoming the gentle quiet sound of water dripping from the stones, occasional fish enter the cave and exit the cave, rarely humans visit the site.

I sit in solitude, I quite enjoy the stillness of what is. there is an occasional momentum of action when mother wave comes crashing in waves of water into me, I’d be nurtured by her love

I’d express my gratitude for her visiting my cave, nurturing the cave with ocean water new fresh

Quiet a sanctuary the cave is, it’s sacred where I belong. Patterns of water dripping, occasional bird-like insects flapping the wings, very rarely a wild animal peeks in its head and body, not lasting longer than 1 hour to stay. I’d be watching them as they permeate my space, space I embody with the spiritual intelligence of just being. Deepwater flows through me the cave, deep Deep penetrating through the abyss the mother ocean. Where it starts and ends is a deep mystery, however, where I reside in the cave is a sacred sanctuary of my domain.

I flow in the form here and there, from the entrance of the cave to the depths like changing forms to being here and there

Still no body and yes presence

The water runs clean

The water flows deep

The water shows gentle humility if humans would put in words

Water so kind

Water so gentle

Water so aromatic

You’d be surprised how beautiful I am in form of water

One day a scientist visits the cave,

Somehow tumble on mysteriously found the cave

He has glasses on, caucasian European man, a curious one.

No emotions, just curious this man

He sees the cave and enters without thinking too much about it

He climbs down and manages to enter the core of my essence, the water in the deep cave.

He has a headlamp on, he gathers information as much as he finds

I try communicating with him

I throw a rock to make a sound in the cave

He sees and writes in the notebook what he sees

I try another way

Let the bats fly away from a tremble

He sees the flying bats, docks and writes in the notebook what he sees

I try a new

Change the cave into an eerie cold temperature

He feels his body, zips up his jacket

I am curious too why is he writing on the notebook, what discoveries, what purposes?

He is daring, how dare he enter the water without any feelings

I allow him to explore the cave by nature, he is just there. I just here.

As he is leaving the cave, we connect telephonically he feels the magnitude of the cave’s beauty

I feel his cheeky curiosity childlike curiosity

We communicate and strike a deal

As I allow him to the cave, he agrees to use the knowledge he gains for higher educational purposes

I advise him to also teach wisdom to the world with this knowledge he’d share

He agrees he’d teach knowledge and wisdom like a sandwich

He ventures on

I remain content in the sanctuary

The rest is unknown

I wonder

Humans are responsible for caring for nature

Maybe maybe now

Some are

Some not be

Humans, interesting creatures

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