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Creative fertility and Co-creative partnerships weaving through sacred embroidery

Ever since I picked up my unique destiny thread through sacred embroidery after visiting a workshop with a Russian embroidery master at the German Island of Rügen in May 2017, I have started to learn to embroider my destiny towel "Rushnyk" and my healing journey into belonging and wholeness through embroidery began. I like to call that "The Wyrding Way" like the title of my book that I published on the magical day of my birthday on 4.4.4 (2020 added together). This book is my account of going from Weird to Wyrding: from uprootedness and alienation to conscious weaving of destiny.

Wyrd is also the rune of nothingness, like the Womb of All Creation where everything gets born out of. I love to connect and center myself in Wyrd before I embroider, and then every stitch is aligned with my Soul path and every thought and sign or pattern that emerges is divine communication and co-creation with Soul and Source-the Wyrding Way unfolding.

When we began the creative fertility phase, I felt like offering an embroidery online circle in order to speak about the sacred embroidery and manifestation process and to co-create together with others. As women we always came together to do something with our hands, or dance, sing, holding space for each other until those connective threads have been more and more cut off through the patriarchy. I feel it is now time of remembrance and reconnection through healing circles and re-weaving of new patterns, hence I am so happy to participate in the 13 Moon Bio Mytsical Womb Healing Apprenticeship.

It was no surprise that my desire emerged to pass on the sacred embroidery arts to other Womb sisters during the creative fertility and co-creative partnership phase, and that is why two circles so far have taken place during those times together.

During the first workshop we did a Meditation to invite our unique Goddess and ask and receive our symbols and messages from her. For me the Wealthy Mathroshka Goddes emerged with Wealth and Rune Fehu symbol all around (see image). She owns her wisdom from within and carries the message of abundance from within and without. I put her in my bra or on my altar and speak those affirmation words every day. That way I am developing a co-creative relationship with her and let the divine weave wealth through me.

During the second circle the symbol and energy of the Matroshka of Love has emerged, just after I listened to the Co-creative Partnership Ceremony and received a feeling that I am ready to invite a co-creative, no longer a co-dependent partner, in my life. Also my Sun Rune EHWAZ (Soul Purpose) which looks like an "M" appeared. The more often I ask the questions of what would the Wealthy Goddess or The Goddess of Love do, or what could be my next step in life, and listen and see the signs emerge in all different ways around me, the more I feel like am a conscious weaver

of my own destiny.

So that is how sacred embroidery in alignment with sacred symbols and divine energies weaving through us, can become such a potent and playful practice of co-creative partnerships with Soul, Source and other people that we like to consciously work with or invite into our lives.

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Jul 08, 2020

Beautiful weaving, Erika. May these symbols and Goddeses guide and support you well. I wore my embroidered shorts for the first time the other day and feel the power of such intentional creativity. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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