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Crow / Raven Ritual traveling between death and living waters

During our Womb Art Circle as part of the 13 Moon Bio Mystical Womb centered Healing Apprenticeship, while we were dancing and chanting one of my main totem animals, the raven, appeared. The raven is my main Beregini / Goddess Energy weaving through me, thus I have embroidered her in the middle of my Shamanic destiny dress.

I connect with the Beregini of the “Wise One, the Raven” daily through Shamanic movements that are called “Shaping Wings” which I learned from two Russian women here: Furthermore, the raven is my ally in my Shamanic painting of the “Legend & Ally”:

While we were warming up for the Womb Art Circle, I received the message from the raven to pass on her wisdom of traveling between the death and living waters to others. Just a few days ago I did such a ritual that I learned from the Siberian Shaman Ahamkara with who I traveled to the sacred mountain Belukha in 2018. You can see a vlog summary about my journey here :

In this Crow / Raven Ritual we have connected through Shamanic Drumming with the raven that then traveled through our dream body to the death waters. To me, my death sea appeared as the first of seven Karakol Seas that we visited with Siberian Shaman Ahamkara in 2018. The death sea was filled with death chemotherapy waters that my mother died from when she suffered from Lymphcancer and died from in 2006. All forms of cancer and diseases are stored in those death waters. After I dived deeply into the death waters through my dream body of the raven, we then left the heaviness and started to fly to the living waters. To me, that is the deepest sea of the world, the Baikalsea which I visited in 2017 and 2018.

I experienced bathing in the Baikalsea with my whole body as a rebirth and felt never more alive and full of life force energy. What a wonderful feeling to feel those waters full of vitality all over me and through me. It literally feels like this deepest sea contains all the death waters, embraces it and transcends in into life again. This Crow / Raven Ritual was very profound and alive within me, hence it was no surprise that I painted the picture of the raven between death and living waters during the Womb Art Circle.

What is emerging now is the wish to pass on this Crow / Raven Ritual to others. The whole world is seemingly going through an initiation or a rebirth on so many different levels right now. My “Wise Raven” is showing us the way of how we can face the death waters and rise to the living fuller selves through transcendence. Please check my website or my Facebookgroup for details when I plan to offer this ritual.

This ritual is similarly a Wyrding Way Journey between worlds like the title of my book: Wyrding means weaving in Norse language and Wyrd is the void of nothingness (or the rune Wyrd of nothingness) like the Womb of all existence. It is through our intentional traveling and dancing with different worlds how we can decide whether the womb is life giving or a tomb. It is an invitation to learn how to face the unknown, the Wyrd Space, the in between and use this space for new life instead of death. Thus, I invite people to be brave to be wyrd, to learn how to center themselves in the unknown Wyrd space and use it like the raven for new life, weaving destiny purposefully, that is the Wyrding Way.

******Wyrding Way Deep Dives****

More info about the book: Purchase book here: 6 Months Online Wyrding Way Destiny Weaving Soul Journey:

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30 de ago. de 2020

Thank you for sharing these beautiful journeys, weaving the pathways between life, death, and life again.

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