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Dragon Speak

I Dragon, the pure Life force of Gaia

What is the block?

It is the block of the Leys, the Dragon Lines,

blocked for Eons by the dark control of religion. His-story

Now Dragon is setting free, in Her-story

dancing awareness with women blood

Where have all the birds gone? the ants?

Shifting reality ?

We have our Bodies of Fire- We are Bodies of Fire

Boddis a ttva - Bodies of fire Get it ?

We are creating now

Her story

with Dragon, Blood, Memory, Bone and Stone

Light Bodies.

We shall adapt to change

Shifting Shape

Shifting of all - perception - beliefs

We are Chameleons

We have been creating our Light Bodies with our Dreams, our Prayers, our Gratitude and Compassion

Impervious to all of His story creations.

With Dragon Blood, Memory Stone and Bone

We are Dragon, Spirit of Earth Mother

Pure feminine force.

There shall be no more slayers

They tried

His story tried to ride us, control, slay, slave take our voice

and mould us into steel steeple cogs

We are Cognisant!

and nevermore to


We are the Earth, Air,

in the Water and Blood

We are the Earths Wise Women


Guardian of the Deep

Guardian of the Womb

Earth Mother Spirit Body

We have been used against ourselves

No more!

His -story is crumbling to Ashes

and we sing and weave our Dragon blood

reclaiming and creating a story of healing,

healing of all


We are the Ancestors that created the New World of Peace.

This weeks Writing from the Womb Live class.

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2 comentários

Ava Shaevel
Ava Shaevel
14 de set. de 2020

"His story tried to ride us....

and mould us into steel steeple cogs...

We are Cognisant!"

Amazing and whimsical.


14 de set. de 2020

Thank you Hazel.

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