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Eating Blackberries with the Enchantress

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Just 3 days since my Rite of Passage in the Enchantress Opening Ceremony and the shift in my awareness is deep and profound.

My bowl of breakfast blackberries, prepared with a generous topping of soy yogurt.

I looked at the jars of jam I had prepared. I picked one up. A small one. I remembered how I would take a small jar with me whenever I went travelling to sacred sites and festivals or went on road trips, to put my blood in from my mooncup so I could give to the Earth in Ceremony.

The rich dark red berry jam looked just like my blood in the jar. I opened the pot, took out a spoonful and tipped it on my yogurt. It had the texture of thick blood. Tasting the sweet blackberry blood I was tasting the blood of the Earth. The blood of our mother through the berries. I was eating my blood. My blood I had been giving to the Earth was now being returned .

Maybe this is a new cycle for me.

I have been asking my womb about my new cycle now my bleeding years have finished.

Maybe part of my new wise woman cycle will be receiving back my blood each season with the blackberries.

Receiving blood nourishment from Mother Earth.

Maybe I will become more in alignment with the cycles of the seasons.

Eating blackberries for breakfast the Enchantress told me that I am eating the blood of our Ancestors.

The blood of all the women who have sang to the bushes.

The blood of all the women who have been picking blackberries in alignment with the voice of the Earth.

The blood of all the women who had creative partnership with nature, giving of their blood and water.

The blackberry bushes remember

One of the long arms of the blackberry bushes caught my finger and drew blood.

Rich dark sweet blood that looked just like the Jam.The bushes were telling me I had heard them well with the story of the blood. And, that I could also still give to the Earth of my blood by pricking my finger with a blackberry thorn.

Eating my breakfast berries I visioned the ancient continuous cycle of creative partnership between these plants and the beings that eat of their fruit. How their seeds would be passed through the bodies of the birds and the creatures, and be re seeded to grow more bushes. Each season the blackberry plants containing more abundance in their fruit of exactly the sustenance the creatures and people around them would need. This is why they are so rich in minerals like copper and manganese.

They have been in creative partnership with all the beings that have eaten of their berries for a long long time.

They are Elders

They hold many many memories.

The blackberry bushes remember.


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2 commenti

10 ago 2020

Gorgeous connections and communion with Blackberry wisdom Hazel! Thank you for blessing us with this beauty.

Mi piace

naomy raven
naomy raven
06 ago 2020

Love this Hazel the deep cyclic connection, the oraborous, the reciprocal, the ancient and the ever present now. I love the blood connection and synchronises with me picking blackberries from my own garden, blessed of the abundance and feeling they are probably good for blood deficiency along with black cherries even though they weren't on the list but they are full of pleasure and there is certainly reciprocity there in my garden. I've been blessed to use their leaves too in my dreams (autocorrect! I wrote steams but I will leave dreams!) instead of or as well as raspberry.

Mi piace
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