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Enchanting our Soul Purpose

I was introduced to the idea of my soul having a purpose for me to fulfill over 25 years ago when I went to Massage School at the Phillips School of Massage. Our teacher, Judy Phillips, led us in a guided meditation that started out with connecting with a recent situation in which we were very uncomfortable emotionally. We were then invited to track the feeling of that recent circumstance back through our memories throughout our lives. It was powerful to discover that the feelings I was struggling with were very familiar and had been with me throughout my whole life.

We tracked the feeling all the way back to the moments before we were conceived. We were invited to connect with our soul's intentions right at that moment in the decision to incarnate with our particular parents in our particular circumstances, with that particular feeling pattern we had just tracked. We were invited to inquire into this moment about the purpose of this incarnation that contained such a potent feeling flavor.

My soul purpose came through loud and clear. It was about healing the dichotomy between men and women.

Once we had a few moments to connect with our soul purpose, we were invited to let the light of this awareness of purpose shine forward through all of our memories of situations and circumstances in which we felt that signature feeling. This was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. All of the memories I had tracked were transformed by this light of purpose into beneficial experiences because I could feel how they were all preparations for the fulfillment of my purpose. Thousands of additional memories came flooding in to receive this healing light as well. I returned to the present moment a different person. Instead of feeling burdened by this feeling flavor that had been with me so long, I felt blessed and inspired.

Ever since then, this sense of soul purpose has deeply influenced my life choices. It hasn't always been crystal clear how the various pathways I have chosen were in service of this purpose in the moment, but in hindsight the pieces all fit perfectly together. This knowing of my soul purpose has allowed me to rest in times of great stress time and again as I eventually realize how everything I experience is adding to the fulfillment of this purpose.

As my Bio-Mystical Womb healing work has developed, it has become very clear how central this soul purpose awareness is to the process. Our wombs connect us with our soul and continue to incarnate our spirit into physical form for our entire lives. Our mother's womb just gets us started. Then as we develop, our own womb space takes over this transmission of soul purpose into our physical reality. All of the Bio-Mystical womb initiations I share about are essential to this process of embodiment, but activating our inner Enchantress really gets us moving into our soul purpose embodiment.

Who is our inner Enchantress, you might ask? She is the one who speaks up about where our lives have strayed from alignment with this soul purpose every month before we bleed and during peri-menopause. I call the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and the peri-menopausal phase of our lives the Enchantress phase because of this. She carries potent medicine for our times because she is no longer willing to put up with toxic patterns and exploitation of our energies.

Each of us has a unique experience of our inner Enchantress. Mine started waking me up with screaming hot flashes during a time in my life when some decisions I made were taking me radically out of alignment with my soul purpose. I chose to listen to that voice instead of dismissing it like most people in my life were encouraging me to do. I am ever grateful to her for making her wisdom so unmistakably known to me.

Several of the participants in the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship program have shared about their inner Enchantress as well. Here are some of their experiences of her:

"She is strong, active and fearless, but soft and loving, and acts with kindness. She is beautiful and has a rose light about her. She also has something of gold in her nature. She seems to me to be related to the maiden, like a mirror image of maiden energy. She carries a pot, in which she has kept safe all the treasures of my adolescence that might have got lost or broken along the way if she hadn't been caretaking them for me.

She is fearless in and with love; she is strong enough to love. I trust her.

In my body she is a huge snake, with a heavy, grounded feeling, very earthed. She carries the original life force energies, plus a knowing that comes from lived experience. She is accepting of death and taking responsibility for her life. She is moving in a slow, smooth figure eight movement in my hips. I recognize her as the origin of my inner rhythms." Pennifer Moonmama

"The Red Tara or Karakulla appeared, offering me joygasmic vitality and the awakened snake of life force energy and limitless creativity. She told me that it is absolutely fine to use my sexuality as a driving force without inhibition. I do not need a partner to feel my boundless creativity and joygasmic flow. I just need to center myself on my sacral power and act from my essence there. It makes sense that my power center lies there as a pure generator that I am in Human Design." Erika Maizi

"My Enchantress came to me in a meadow full of flowers and herbs. She was wearing a white flowing dress and had long white hair plaited down her back. She had a cauldron in front of her, a cosmic cauldron of time. She told me I had 'passed the test'. I also received a message from her about working more with voice. She brought me the gift of deeper realizations of certain significant events that have been woven through my last several perimenopause years, and of my menopausal Rite of Passage that my Bio Mystical Womb Healing Journey so magically aligned with, and was to became my Rite of Passage into my Wise Woman phase of my life. The wisdom she offered unfolded over the next several weeks." Hazel Grove

"The Enchantress was tall, slim, dark hair, strong, slightly scary looking and I'm a little scared of her. Bladderwrack, black feathery wings, Squirrel, Raven, an ornate mirror. She certainly doesn't embody the energy of not feeling good enough or what others think of her- actually impervious to outside beliefs or influences - she knows her magic and her power. She reminded me of the energy of 3 Medicine Sisters on a greeting card I was given once. Blessed to receive Enchantress's Medicine of owning my power and gifts, being kind to myself, doing what's best for me and healthy boundaries.

It has become even more clear sound and movement are such an easy way into a very deep space. And maybe not for everyone as likely a lot could be getting in the way of that freedom and therefore access - I slip into altered states very easily and throughout the day and I have become used to allowing my voice and movement to have its own journey. So to work with others in this way, I may need to explain it takes practice and try not to get in their own way. Also it makes sense now why I was getting so much info about singing and sound along the way with this journey as this connects with other realizations over the years about how important this role is of using sound / voice for healing, magic, ceremony - what a massive part of who I am and my life magic (work)." Georgia Sunflower

"I felt the enchantress as the muse, as the goddess of love and as the primal goddess all together in one energy. She first came through as Mary Magdalene at the opening and wanted to be sung through me as the chant "Kundalini Mata Shakti Mata Shakti Namo Namo." As we danced, she moved through me softly, sweetly and gave me gentle invitations to pull my attention to my senses and to being ever-present in my body. I experienced her as intimate, as a sensual embodied awareness. She asked me to be ever-present, and to feel each caress, each move, each feeling as sacred, captivating and all-consuming. She brought me the gift of presence. She offered me the wisdom of how being in full-bodied presence and awareness is magnetic." Willow

I will be sharing more about this Enchantress archetype and how she supports us towards fulfillment of our soul purpose in the next few months in preparation for the upcoming Enchantress phase of the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship. If you are interested in learning more about the apprenticeship and perhaps joining us for this upcoming phase, please visit the apprenticeship info and sign up page here: Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship

I would love to hear about your experiences with and reflections about the Enchantress archetype. How does she show up for you? A good place to look for this archetypal energy in your life is your experiences of pre-menstrual feelings and energies as well as peri-menopausal changes. Please share in the comments here or fill out this questionnaire to share privately with me: Enchantress Questionnaire

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